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Charge Amps Integration Guide

This is a guide that shows how to install Monta on your Charge Amps charge point.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 9 April, 2024
In this guide

Please note that when you connect your charge point to Monta, we become the operator of the charge point. This means that you need to use Monta to control the charging process.

1. Contact Charge Amps

In order to successfully set up your Charge Amps charge point with Monta, you need to do a couple of extra steps. You need to first make sure that your connection is switched to OCPP.

Why is switching to OCPP important?

By default, Charge Amps’ charge points use an API protocol. We, at Monta, have taken the decision that going forward, we are no longer going to support an API-based integration of Charge Amps devices. Instead, we will require all Charge Amps devices to use the OCPP protocol to connect to Monta. This decision was based on our experience that the OCPP-based connection provides a better charging experience.

Furthermore, by using an OCPP connection, you are going to be able to store the data regarding your charging history with us. This brings many advantages to you as a user. With a charging history, we can provide better support in terms of identifying and removing many potential problems you may experience with charing. You can also take advantage of our statistics and forecasts, so you can become more informed regarding your charging patterns and needs, as an EV owner.

To switch your charge point to use OCPP protocol, you need to send an email to Charge Amps support and ask them to point your charger(s) to Monta’s OCPP url: wss://

Once you receive an answer from Charge Amps that your charge point has been pointed to Monta, you can proceed with the installation process.

2. Turn RFID lock on

The next step is to go to the Charge amps website and make sure that RFID LOCK is turned on.

What you need to do is:

a. Log into

b. Go to the home page

c. Locate the charge point you trying to connect

d. There should be a button that is labeled as “RFID Lock”

e. This button should be “ON” and the colour green

Very important!

In order for you to be able to charge your car you must have the RFID lock switched on at all times. This is needed in order for the OCPP protocol to work, which is the connection between Monta and your charge point. When you have the RFID lock on and try to charge your car, the app acts as the key, which unlocks your charge point and allows for the charging to start.

After you make sure that the RFID lock is on, reboot your charge point.

3. Connecting the charge point to your Monta account

Now you need to add and connect your charge point to your Monta account.

You can do this through either Monta Charge or Monta Hub.

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