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Connect your charge point

Learn how to add and connect your personal charge point with Monta.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 April, 2024
In this guide

Some charge points require you to install Monta on the charge point before you can connect it to your Monta account. We recommend to check out this section of guides, where you can find your charge point brand and follow the installation steps first.

Add a charge point in Monta Charge

  1. Under Chargers, select the Charge points tab
  2. Click on the + sign and select a Team for the charge point
  3. Select the charge point brand and model
    • Based on the selection, we suggest the kW effect and connector, which you can edit
  4. Name the charge point and specify the address
  5. Click on Connect now

Connect via OCPP

  1. Click on Connect now
  2. Select the OCPP integration option
  3. Enter the serial number of the charge point
  4. Confirm the charge point information and click on Yes, pair charge point
  5. Wait for verification
  6. Your charge point is now connected and ready to charge!

Connect via Cloud integration

  1. Click on Connect now
  2. Select the Cloud integration option
  3. Login with your Cloud credentials
  4. Select the correct charge point
  5. Click on Yes, pair charge point
  6. Your charge point is now connected and ready to charge!

Connect a charge point with 2 or more sockets

If your charge point has 2 or more sockets, you need to add each one of them as separate charge points in Monta Charge.

  1. Add the first socket as a charge point (beginning of this guide)
  2. Click on Connect now
  3. Select the OCPP integration option
  4. Select correct position of the socket (Connector)
  5. Complete connection process
  6. Repeat process from step one for the rest of the sockets

Frequently asked questions

I cannot integrate my charge point to Monta

If you are not able to compete the integration process in Monta, we recommend the following steps:

  • Repeat the Verification step of the integration process to attempt to connect to Monta.
  • Check out the integration guide of the charge point to make sure it is configured correctly.
  • Check out your local network settings. If the charge point is using a SIM card, please reach out to Monta Support to confirm that the SIM card is supported by Monta.
  • Contact your installer or charge point manufacturer, who can help you with the network settings or charge point configuration.

Supported charge point brands

Monta supports 250+ models of charge points. Here is a list of the charge point brands and models that can be connected to Monta. Here, you can see the roadmap for hardware integrations.

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