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Stay in control of your charging experience - at home, at work, and on the go. Monta Charge is the ultimate EV charging app equipped with free features to help you EV better no matter where you charge.

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EV drivers using Monta Charge

200 000+

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Roaming charge points

500 000

Charging at home

Your home, your charger, your rules

Effortless charging starts right at home. With Monta Charge, you can customise your charging experience based on your lifestyle and preferences. No more dealing with complicated settings. Embrace set-and-forget charging as Monta handles the rest.
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“From the comfort of your home to your own driveway, Monta Charge ensures you're in control, every kilowatt of the way.”

Denise Tan, Senior Product Manager
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Charging on the go

Enjoy seamless charging anywhere

Monta Charge goes beyond your home. You can hit the road without hesitation, knowing you’re covered by a vast network of accessible charge points, transparent pricing, and flexible payment options.
Find Charging
Start Charging
Manage Charging

Find charging

Charge beyond borders and experience a new level of freedom. With Monta, you just need one tool for all your charging needs, no matter where your journey takes you.
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Locate any of the 500 000+ public chargers on the Monta map and launch navigation with Google Maps and Apple Maps.
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Filter charge points by availability, charge speed (kW), price (dynamic or fixed pricing), operator, and more.
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Start charging

Our mission is to make electric mobility as seamless and convenient as possible. With Monta Charge, getting a charge started takes no time and can be done in several ways.
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Scan the QR code
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Tap your RFID card
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Pay with your preferred method
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Manage charging history 
& payments

After every charge, you’re still in control. Monta Charge gives you a complete overview of your charging sessions so you can understand your charging habits over time. 
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Transparent fees
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Track your payments
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Easy export
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Martin Majlund, VP Roaming

“From bustling cities to serene countrysides, Monta Charge is your loyal companion for seamless EV charging.”

Martin Majlund, VP Roaming

Inclusive design for every EV driver

At Monta, we're committed to empowering every EV driver through inclusive design. Our self-help tools cover everything from adding a charge point to troubleshooting any technical issues.
“Thanks to our 5,000 beta users and the support of an ever-growing community, we're able to constantly refine and improve the Monta experience. This collective effort shapes Monta Charge into the digital companion every EV driver can rely on.
Sofie Engell

Sofie Engell

Head of Product Design

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The ultimate EV charging app

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EV drivers who love Monta

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Explore our Help Center for helpful guides and tips. Can't find what you're looking for? You can always reach out to our Customer Support Team through live chat or email.

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