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Sell fully integrated charging solutions.

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As the EV industry evolves, hardware manufacturers need to navigate an increasingly complex market - shifting consumer needs, opportunities for new business models and emerging market regulations.

As a Powered by Monta partner, we combine your hardware with our software so you can stay one step ahead.

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The opportunity for manufacturers

Maximise charge point sales and generate additional revenue by offering an unparalleled user experience and access to Monta’s partnership network.
Improve your product performance and functionality with access to Monta’s hardware portal.
Slash product development costs and accelerate time to market by leveraging Monta’s engineering expertise in software development and OCPP best-practice.

The opportunity for customers

Give your customers access to a completely digital, and rapid setup process and get them charging and on the road as soon as possible. No support needed.
Allow your customers to charge and relax knowing your charge point is compliant with the latest regulations, running on the latest software and is helping to drive sustainable energy consumption.
Put your customers in control of how and where they charge by accessing Monta's advanced features including smart charging, spot pricing and the Monta wallet.

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ABB - Gold Partner

Eldon - Platinum

Autel - Platinum

EN+ - Powered by Monta

Garo - Powered by Monta

Linchr - Powered by Monta

Ctek - Powered by Monta

Zaptec - Powered by Monta

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