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Published: 30 April, 2024

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egg and Monta further the UK’s sustainable charging infrastructure to give operators and EV drivers more control over their energy consumption –

3RD APRIL 2024, LONDON: Clean energy solutions provider, egg, extends strategic partnership scope with EV charging platform, Monta, to strengthen end-to-end EV charging solution. 

egg, owned by Liberty Global Ventures, provides clean energy solutions, including EV charging solutions, to both residential and commercial customers. Their partnership with Monta is strengthened with the launch of the egg energy app, which enables a unified and seamless EV charging experience whether at home, in public, or at the destination. 

Within the app, users will have access to the full Monta feature suite, which includes AutoCharge and Sponsored Charging, plus access to over 500,000 public charging points across Europe on Monta’s roaming network. 

For more sustainable and cost-effective charging, features such as PowerBank, which momentarily pauses charging sessions to help balance the grid in exchange for in-app credits, and Smart Charging for scheduling charging sessions when electricity is cheaper and greener. 

Monta’s partnership with egg, established in May 2023, has until now been focused on egg’s commercial customers, who utilise the Monta Platform to manage access, pricing and scheduling of their charge point network, which now sees the extended scope of the partnership including both the Platform and App technology, 

egg now go-to-market with a broader, enhanced offering, and is positioned to achieve ambitions to double its UK EV business in 2024. 

Commenting on the partnership extension, Alok Dubey, Regional Director, Strategic Sales – West at Monta, said, “With a shared commitment to building a sustainable future through innovation, our partnership expansion with egg will see both companies working to support the UK’s transition to EVs in a truly sustainable way. We’re confident that together egg and Monta will make the transition to EVs easier for all, as the 2035 ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine cars and vans approaches.”

Richard Peacock, Head of Infrastructure at egg, said, “We’re excited to announce we are strengthening our partnership with Monta. Together, we’re introducing the egg charging app, a seamless solution for hassle-free EV charging across workplaces, fleets, and public charging services.”

Monta’s EV charge point software combines all of the features that EV drivers need into one simple platform. The software can be used in a residential or commercial setting eliminating the need for multiple software/ apps. 

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