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Monta leads the charge in supporting the UK’s grid stability

by Monta | March 13, 2024

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– After almost 20 unique grid imbalances in 2023, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platform Monta’s new solution, PowerBank, is set to support, sustain and develop the UK’s power grid –

13 MARCH 2024, LONDON: EV charging platform, Monta, is leading the charge to support the UK’s grid stability with its latest grid services technology, PowerBank.

Together with aggregator partner Grid Beyond, PowerBank detects imbalances in the electrical grid and briefly pauses current EV charging sessions to help prevent power blackouts in exchange.

PowerBank has proven its ability to alleviate pressure on a grid reaching a crisis point during its successful implementation in the Nordics and now, Monta’s grid-stabilising technology is primed to support the UK and Irish market. This brings the total number of active users across all markets to over 11,000, with the number of customers growing daily.

Alex Iriondo, Grid Services Product Expert at Monta, said, “With almost 20 unique grid imbalances in 2023, it is clear that the UK’s ageing grid is not ready for increasing demand, highlighting the importance of innovative grid services, such as PowerBank, which helps to reduce pressure during periods of high demand. There is a great opportunity for EVs to serve as flexible assets to the UK’s grid if charging is managed correctly and Monta is proud to be supporting the UK’s sustainable transition to EVs through continuous innovation, developing features and making them accessible to our users”. 

Grid service technologies, such as PowerBank, play an active role in reducing grid imbalances and congestion. As EV adoption continues, technologies such as this will become increasingly significant tools for managing grid stability for years to come, as electricity demand continues to rise. 

This rise in demand is driven in large part by government-led net zero initiatives, such as the phasing out of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and fossil fuels, in favour of EVs and sustainable energy sources. Whilst this change is largely positive, the impact of a continuous rise in demand must be considered and risks mitigated to avoid imbalancing the grid. 

Iriondo continued, “With increasing volatility and unpredictability in electricity generation and consumption, we face a very real possibility of blackouts and outages. With PowerBank, we aim to bolster existing infrastructure, allowing charge point owners to actively safeguard their community against blackouts and contribute to the broader goal of grid stability, by linking charge points to the electrical grid system.”

Already, at the current level of demand, grid imbalances – where frequency falls below 50 Hertz as demand outweighs supply are not uncommon. In 2023, Grid Beyond reported 19 unique imbalance occasions – a figure only set to rise as the transition to net zero becomes a reality. 

The use of grid service technologies, such as PowerBank, will play a pivotal role in balancing the grid and ensuring a continuous supply of electricity for both domestic and commercial users. As the link between the grid and the end user, utility companies are essential for the successful implementation and operation of these technologies. They are set to become an integral part of the sustainable EV charging ecosystem.

In facilitating technologies, such as PowerBank, utility companies will benefit not only from a more stable grid, where risks of blackouts are reduced greatly but also from the new revenue opportunities they provide. For the charge point owner, PowerBank is available at no cost within the Monta app. EV charge point owners receive credit to spend in the Monta app whilst helping to avoid blackouts in their community. 

“The number of electric cars in the UK is growing at a rapid rate – as of the end of February 2024, there are over one million fully electric cars on UK roads and this is only set to increase. We simply cannot afford to slow down the implementation of a robust, reliable and accessible UK charge point infrastructure and PowerBank is a critical offering that both bolsters and strengthens the resilience of the UK’s existing infrastructure,” concluded Iriondo.

PowerBank’s availability in the UK and Ireland comes as the EV charging platform announced the close of its €80 M Series B round at the start of the year, bringing the company’s total funding to €130M in just three years. 

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