Why CPOs should embrace EV roaming

Written by Monta
Last updated: 14 March, 2023

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Roaming for CPOs

There are many factors highlighting the role of CPOs within the EV ecosystem. First of all,  it's crucial for them to be ahead of the curve! That means becoming a roaming player, not just growing your home network. In today's competitive environment, CPOs can’t afford to miss an opportunity to establish partnerships with other EV charging networks and increase their clients' options. By providing their clients with the possibility to charge across multiple networks, they get a bigger market. This means a higher ROI.

What is EV roaming?

You may remember the days of paying large fees on your cell phone bill after an international trip, when you "roamed" on another country’s network. This principle is largely how roaming works in EV charging but without the hefty bills.
In the EV charging industry, roaming refers to the ability for EV drivers to charge their vehicles on the road at any charging station, in any country, regardless of the network those charge points belong to, using a single app, account, or payment method. This allows EV drivers to travel freely and have access to charging services at different locations without having to sign up for multiple charging networks or carry multiple cards or payment methods.

Why is roaming important for the EV infrastructure?

Expanding and investing in EV charging roaming networks is an essential step meant to overcome one of the biggest challenges faced by EV drivers today: the lack of a seamless and standardised charging infrastructure.

With EV charging, roaming drivers are no longer restricted to charging their vehicles at charging stations belonging to a specific network, but instead, have access to a network of charging stations that they can use with a single account or payment method. This means that EV drivers can travel and charge their vehicles with confidence, knowing that they can access charging services at any charging station without having to worry about compatibility, subscriptions, or membership issues. This is particularly useful for long-distance travel, where charging networks may vary between regions or countries. 

By providing a seamless and standardised charging experience, EV roaming helps to remove some of the barriers that have been limiting the growth of electric vehicles and makes it easier for people to make the switch to EVs.

Why should CPOs be at the forefront of the EV roaming revolution?

In order to grow and develop the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Charge Point Operators (CPOs) must be at the forefront of the EV roaming revolution. As CPOs are responsible for owning, managing and operating charging stations, they have the ability to shape the charging experience for EV drivers, making it more convenient, accessible and affordable. By embracing EV roaming, CPOs can increase the visibility and accessibility of their charging stations to a wider audience, attracting more EV drivers to their network and boosting the utilisation of their charging assets.

As a Charge Point Operator (CPO), it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. By joining Monta’s roaming network, CPOs can experience increased utilisation of their charging points, physical footfall at their location, and a higher potential for cross-sales. With Monta, CPOs gain valuable insights to make informed decisions on how to optimise their charging infrastructure and attract more EV drivers.

Boost Your Charging Point Utilisation and Revenue with Monta

The Monta roaming network is the fastest-growing community of EV drivers in Europe, offering CPOs and OCPI partners unique opportunities to tap into this growing market and increase their revenue streams. 

One of the significant benefits of joining the Monta roaming network is the increased utilisation of your existing charging points. As a CPO, you understand the challenges of keeping your charging stations fully utilised, but with Monta, you can benefit from the growing community of EV drivers seeking convenient and reliable charging options.

Join the Monta network and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation system.

Why Monta? The benefits of the Monta Roaming Network for CPOs and OCPI partners

  • Cutting Edge Functionalities: Monta's charge point management system is hardware-agnostic and easy to use, seamlessly integrating with your existing setup. The system supports OCPP 1.6 and allows for quick and easy connection to the growing network of charging stations. Our advanced Load Balancing feature optimises power distribution, and our DynamicPricing and schedule pricing features ensure fair pricing based on electricity costs.
  • Advanced Analytics to help you grow your business: Monta offers a comprehensive overview of your performance as a roaming provider, allowing you to see and monitor all of your roaming charge points and sites in real time. With instant ratings and reviews from roaming users, you can track the quality of your network and make necessary improvements. Real-time revenue tracking lets you stay on top of your finances, while detailed charge history provides valuable insights into the performance of your network. Additionally, Monta offers benchmarking capabilities to show you what good looks like and help you strive for excellence.
  • Boost Utilisation of Charging Points: By joining the Monta Roaming network, you can increase the utilisation of your existing charging points. This means that more EV drivers will be able to charge their cars at your location. This can lead to increased revenue for your business.
  • Attract Physical Footfall for cross-sales opportunities: Joining the Monta Roaming network can also bring physical footfall to your location. EV drivers will be looking for charging stations, if you’re a part of our network, your location will be more easily discoverable by them. This can lead to increased visibility and exposure for your business. Do you have other products and services at your location? EV drivers may be looking for things to do or buy while they are charging their EVs. If so, you could attract more customers and increase brand awareness by including EV charging on your site.
  • Expand the EV infrastructure for everyone’s benefit: By expanding the EV infrastructure through increased and more accessible use of roaming charging points, we can promote the adoption of electric vehicles for the benefit of all. This will lead to a reduction in air pollution and a decrease in the use of fossil fuels, creating a brighter future for us all. By democratising access to charging points, we can make the switch to electric vehicles more viable for a wider range of people, leading to a more sustainable future for everyone.

With over 250,000 charge points across Europe at your disposal, the Monta network provides easy access for yourself and all your clients to reliable charging. Check the complete coverage in our map, or experience Monta for yourself with a free demo account.

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