Enable Roaming on your charge points

Share your charge points on other charing platforms by enabling Roaming via Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

Roaming is the industry terminology for sharing charge points with other networks. Monta is sharing charge points on networks like Hubject and Gireve but also does direct sharing agreements with companies like Plugsurfing. When a user makes a charge on a Monta charge point through another app, this is called a roaming charge.

Please note that Roaming is only available for Enterprise and Business plan and that a 10% roaming transaction fee is applied for all roaming charges.

1. Go to the team where you need to enable roaming.

Click on "Teams" and select the team name.

Roaming Charge Points 1

2. Find the charge point that you want to make available on a roaming network.

Go to "Charge points", click on the three dots on the right side of the charge point and select "Activate Roaming".

Roaming Charge Point 2

3. Click on "Activate"

Here you can read more about roaming charge networks at Monta, pricing, the networks we use and more. Select "Activate" when you are finished reading.

Roaming Charge Point 3

Happy Roaming!!

Please note: since May we are no longer subsidising the cost and all apps can show any price they want. You will, however, always receive the price you have set on the charge point.

IMPORTANT! Monta is not responsible which platform will choose to add your charge point to their platform. The same is applied for Google Map and other GPS platforms.

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