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Set different pricing

Set different pricing

Manage charge points on an individual level and decide pricing for different groups.
Payment Options

Multiple payment options

Pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, team wallet or charge key.
scheduled pricing

Scheduled pricing

Schedule price changes that automatically occur at specific hours. This helps avoid losing money when electricity is expensive.
Member Fees

Member fees

Apply a monthly fee to be part of a team. Each member must pay this, in order to charge at the team’s price.
Promo Codes

Promo codes

Offer redeemable discounts or credits to customers. Either one-time uses, or time-based discounts on specific chargers.
Public and private mode

Public &
private mode

Reserve charge points for members during peak hours. Open charge points to the public off peak hours.


Charge points connected to Monta are available on many other EV charging apps. Attract more drivers by being available where EV drivers are.
Instant charge

Instant Charge

With app clips, EV drivers can charge and pay without having to download the app. It’s convenient for the majority of EV drivers.
Charge keys

Charge keys

Register any RFID key in our app, or order a Monta charge key. Now you can charge without our app.
Charge on the road

Charge on the road

Get access to more than 220.000 publicly available charge points and pay with your preferred payment option.
smart charging

Smart Charging

Set charge point to only charge at times when conditions are met, such as low electricity price, low CO2, or high amount of renewable energy.
Smart Queue Icon

Smart Queue

Smart Queue is an intelligent queueing system that distribute EVs between charge points when they become available. Once it’s your turn, you get a notification.
Charge point customisation

Charge point customisation

Customize your charge point settings to suit your needs; choosing who can access the charge points, and at what price.


Add or remove charge points and users through our platform. You can scale up and down as you please.

QR stickers

Order a QR sticker and connect it to a charge point. Once scanned, drivers can charge and pay with their preferred payment option.
load balancing

Load balancing

Static, Dynamic or True Dynamic options to destribute the electricity in a smart way. No need to buy expensive extra ampere.
Smart booking

Smart booking

Reserve a charge point to make sure you’re not driving to occupied charge points. Once a charge point is reserved, only you can start it.
self healing

Self healing

Self-healing algorithms ensure charger stability and availability. Self-healing automatically fixes CP bugs and errors.
lead generation

Lead generation

Get access to and bid on charge point installations in your local area.
scheduled access

Scheduled access

Reserve charge points for members during peak hours. Open charge points to the public off peak hours.


With Monta, your charge points will always be running on the latest firmware update.
Sponsored Charge point

Sponsored charge point

Employees can charge at home on their company account, thereby avoiding the need to receive money on slow intervals.
Semi public


Make charges available to the public, but do not display on the app. Only accessible to the public via QR, or charging key.
Car integration

Car integration

Integrate your car with Monta to see the current battery level, whether the cable is plugged in or if your car is being charged.
dynamic pricing


Monta’s DynamicPricing feature allows operators to set their kWh price based on the hour-by-hour price that they’re paying for electricity, and not on a static number.
hardware agnostic

Hardware agnostic

Monta integrates with all popular charge point manufacturers. Use all of our features with your preferred charge point brand.
Segment Users Icon

Segment users

Control members, guests and other EV drivers’ charge point access and usage.
Easy bookkeeping

Easy bookkeeping

Track payments, billings and expenses directly in the Monta Wallet.

Reports 2.0

Receive detailed reports concerning any issue related to a charge point integrated with Monta.

Partner API

Monta API enables you to develop your own use cases around Monta-managed charge points. Get insight and control over your charge points, user information, and financial reports by using your platform.


The deep integration of Payter Terminals with EV drivers has given them the ability to pay with credit card directly on charge points.


Modern, smart charging devices are connected to the cloud. Connecting charge points to Monta is easy and secure because of Monta's compliance with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

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