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Nexblue Edge

The Edge, designed and manufactured by Nexblue, currently ranks #274 on the Monta supported hardware list. The inclusion of Type2 connector(s), along with a maximum power output of 22 kW and AC charging capabilities, make the Edge worth considering as a viable option to meet your requirements.

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Current type
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22 kW
Max power
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Meter class
Nexblue - Edge

Nexblue Edge specifications

Full name
Nexblue - Edge
Supported power
3.7 / 7.4 / 11.0 / 22.0
Global meter
Current type
Meter class
Number of connectors
Connector type(s)
Nexblue - Edge  datasheet

Monta features with Nexblue Edge

Get access to features like AutoStart, AutoSmartCharge, Cable Lock, Load Balancing, Release Detection, Powerbank, SolarCharge, Local Auth List Management by integrating your Edge charger with the Monta platform.
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  • Checkmark Cable Lock
    Locks the charging cable in the charger after the transaction is done.
  • Checkmark Load Balancing
    Distributes the power among multiple charge points with limited power supply.
  • Checkmark AutoSmartCharge
    Schedules a SmartCharge after detecting a cable being plugged in.
  • Checkmark AutoStart
    Charge point starts charging after cable is plugged into the vehicle.
  • Checkmark Local Auth List Management
    Locally authorize charges if a charge point is offline.
  • Checkmark Release Detection
    The charge point supports reliable detection of connector unplug.
  • Cross Remote Firmware Updates
    Charger firmware can be updated remotely.
  • Checkmark Powerbank
    Gives you the ability to support the electricity grid and prevent power imbalances, and earn Monta credits for participating in return. For the charge point to be compatible, it needs to be able to send fast and precise power updates to Monta, and all manufacturers need to do is detailed here.
  • Checkmark SolarCharge
    Leverage the power output from solar panels to charge. Virtual SolarCharge is compatible with all solar panels, True SolarCharge requires additional hardware.
  • Cross Auto Charge
    This feature allows users to automatically charge on public DC chargers without any interaction with an RFID card or phone app.
  • Cross Scan Qr For Serial
    QR code sticker that contains a serial number for PbM (Powered by Monta) integration flow.
  • Cross Eichrecht
    Eichrecht compliance required for validating transactions. (Germany only).
  • Cross Pricing Display

Nexblue Edge usage and performance overview

Monta is committed to offering complete transparency by providing real-world charging and usage statistics. We evaluate all chargers in our network on a set of important criteria, including popularity, stability, and user rating.
User rating
Ratings for Nexblue - Edge based on Monta’s usage data


The popularity of a charger among EV drivers is a good indicator of its quality and reliability. Therefore, assessing a charger's demand among EV users can provide insight into its reputation and performance.
We calculate the score based on the amount of chargers of the same model compared to the number of units of other models, and the score is weighted based on current type and the number of installations for that particular model in last 14 days. For popularity, Nexblue Edge scored 1%.

Charging stability

Charging stability is crucial for an optimal EV charging experience. When a charger doesn't perform as expected, it negatively impacts the entire charging experience. We calculate the failed against successful charges across the selected model and mix it with the time the charge point was available or charging, and compare it against disconnected chargers, or chargers in error state.
Given its importance, we assign more weight to this metric in our algorithm for calculating the final score. As a result, charging stability is a significant ranking factor for classifying chargers in our supported hardware list. Nexblue Edge scored 26% for charging stability.

User rating

Monta users can rate and leave reviews for the charge point models that were used on the Monta platform. If a user owns or uses a public charge point, they can share their experiences and thoughts about the performance of that charge point.
User rating is calculated as a % vs highest in the market. For this metric, the Edge model scored 4%.


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