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Monta Misconceptions

Things can get puzzling in the fast-moving world of EVs, no doubt. Monta knows the feeling all too well. Understanding the ins and outs of the EV ecosystem takes time, but worry not! We’re here to help you demystify EV charging and make it a breeze.

However, there are certain things we can control, and there are things we can’t. No smoke and mirrors here; just good old-fashioned truth-telling. So, are we ready for some myth-busting?

Charge points and EV charging

My charger is offline or disconnects frequently

For Monta to be able to communicate with your charger, it requires a stable internet connection. If your charger is frequently offline or disconnects, you can ask your installer/electrician or the brand who manufactured your charger to look into the connectivity status of your charger.

Charge and SmartCharging issues – Suspended EV and other reasons why charges are not working correctly

Charges can fail due to numerous factors, and Monta is just one piece of the puzzle. For example, your car or charger can actually stop a charge initiated via Monta. It’s crucial to review your charger’s app/portal/cloud settings as well as your car settings to understand why a charge hasn’t been successful.

When I go to a parking lot, there are not enough charge points. Why doesn’t Monta provide more charge points?

Monta is a software service that manages the charging, access, and payment processes for EV charge points. However, Monta does not provide the physical charge point hardware.

The installation of charge points is the responsibility of site owners. While Monta encourages site owners to install an adequate number of charge points, the decision on the quantity ultimately lies with the site owners themselves.

Charging your EV

My EV is not charging at the expected speed

The speed at which your EV charges depends on a few factors:

  • The charge point’s power capacity: The charging station you use has a certain power delivery capacity. It determines how fast your EV can charge.
  • Your EV’s power intake capacity: Each EV has a limit on how much power it can take in. This limit depends on the size, make, and model of your EV.
  • Charging cable capacity: The cable you use to connect your EV to the charging station has a capacity too. Higher capacity cables allow for faster charging.
  • Load balancing: If you’re sharing the power with other devices on the same circuit, load balancing technology can distribute the power appropriately and implicitly affect your charging speed.

There are a few more factors, but they have a smaller impact:

  • Battery size and charge level: The size and current charge of your EV’s battery can also impact charging time.
  • External temperature: Extreme cold or hot weather can slightly affect how quickly your EV charges.
  • Concurrent use of other EV functions: If you’re using other functions like heating or air conditioning while charging, it can slow down the charging process.
  • Battery age or deterioration: Over time, EV batteries can age or degrade, which can affect charging speeds.

If you are experiencing slow charging at your home charger, consult with an installer who can help troubleshoot and identify any issues. However, if you are using a charger on the road and it is charging slowly, report the problem so that the charge point owner can look into it.

Locked cable

The charge point locked the cable

Occasionally, your cable can get stuck to the charge point. This can be caused by different things, such as the charge point disconnecting or trying to pull on the cable before the charge is fully completed. Monta will never lock your cable to the charger during a charge.

If your cable gets stuck, connect it back to the car and try locking it and then unlocking it twice. This should release the cable. If that does not help, you should contact the charge point operator for assistance.

Monta App download

Why do I need to download the Monta app each time I want to charge my EV? Can I use Monta to charge on all public chargers?

Having multiple EV charging apps to access different EV chargers can become tiring. That’s why Monta is dedicated to democratising the market, enabling you to conveniently access numerous chargers through a single app. By using Monta, you gain the ability to charge your EV at over 350,000 roaming charge points all across Europe.

Charge payments and taxes

Tax refunds not credited or issues/questions with tax refund subscription in general

For any questions related to tax refunds, please contact your service provider directly. The contract for these services is not with Monta but with your service provider. They will be able to assist with any issues related to your tax refund subscription.

expenssive charging

Why are the prices and fees high for public charging?

The prices for public charge points are set by the charge point owners, not Monta. Monta has no control over the pricing of charging services. You might mistakenly think you are paying Monta, but you are actually paying the service provider or operator.

To improve transparency and help you and other Monta users better understand the charging and pricing process, the payment screen in the Monta app now provides a breakdown of the charges you incur before, during, and after a charge. This breakdown allows you, as well as all other Monta users, to be aware of the specific costs and fees associated with the charging process beforehand. This way, you can make informed decisions and have a clear understanding of what to expect in terms of expenses.

expensive to charge 1

Why are the prices for specific chargers in the Monta app different from the prices displayed in other apps?

Each charge point operator has the freedom to set their own pricing for their charge points. When you use the Monta app to access charge points from operators like Clever, E.ON, and more, they decide what they want to charge you.

Monta only takes a small 8% cut of the charging price. We use this to cover our Roaming expenses, ensuring that you have a smooth and hassle-free charging experience wherever you go. We want to be upfront with you, so when you’re on the payment screen, you’ll see the percentage Monta receives for the charge. Plus, we’ll also show you the operator who’s setting the price.

Monta Wallet Payments

Why do I have to pay for charging with the Monta Wallet?

You have the freedom to choose your preferred payment option each time you charge. These options include Apple or Google Pay, Mobile Pay (Denmark and Finland), Vipps (Norway), your personal Monta Wallet, a team Wallet you have access to, or an added bank card.

Thank you for taking the time to understand Monta better. We hope that this page has helped clarify some misconceptions and answered your questions. We’re here to provide a seamless and efficient charging experience, working in tandem with your hardware and service providers.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance – visit our Help Center to find detailed guides and more answers.


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