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The past year has been nothing short of transformative for us, especially in the realm of EV charging. In 2023, our focus has been unwavering—centred on fortifying the Monta Portal to empower businesses within the EV charging sector. We’ve diligently crafted a platform that is comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly, meticulously catering to the diverse and evolving needs of the EV charging industry.

Whether you joined us recently or have been part of our story from the start, this year-end update is a chance to reflect on how we’ve amplified the user experience and operational efficiency of the Monta portal.

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s revisit the standout features that have defined the Monta Portal throughout the year and how they have shaped the portal into an even more powerful tool for managing EV charging operations with ease and precision.

Streamlined firmware updates

We made a significant leap in convenience by enabling the direct push of firmware updates from both the app and portal. For hardware manufacturers, charge point owners, and operators, being able to push firmware updates as soon as they are available ensures the smooth operations of charge points at all times for EV drivers.

Firmware Update Screen

Updated DynamicPricing

The DynamicPricing feature brings much-needed adaptability and fairness to charge point operators allowing them to tie their profits to the real-time price of electricity. This makes the transaction between provider and customer transparent and fair.

Here’s a closer look at the two major updates to DynamicPricing:

  • Percentage customisation: Enterprises can precisely define the percentage of spot pricing in their electricity contracts. It’s key for managing costs and securing profits in fluctuating energy markets.
  • Minimum/maximum value settings: Operators can set minimum and maximum thresholds in DynamicPricing to manage fluctuating energy prices effectively, ensuring consistent coverage of costs and competitive pricing.
max toggle dynamic price portal

Seamless Integration with Partner API

Constantly switching between multiple tools to update or perform various actions can be difficult. This frequent switching is not just a major time-waster but also leads to inconsistencies in data across different systems, defeating the purpose of using these tools efficiently.

api visual

To address this, we introduced an enhanced Partner API, designed to integrate Monta-managed charge points seamlessly into existing systems. This means significantly less time spent switching between different tools, leading to fewer data inconsistencies. It streamlines your operations, allowing for efficient management of tasks like reserving charge points and handling charge keys. The result is a more centralised and smooth operation of your business-relevant data.

Load balancing enhancements

In 2023, we also significantly upgraded the load balancing feature, focusing on efficiency and user experience for large-scale EV charging management.

  • Load Balancing Micro-Portal: a significant upgrade for large site owners and charge point operators. This new feature streamlines the setup and management of dynamic and multi-level load balancing. It provides a clear, user-friendly interface for overseeing all sites and load-balancing groups, including detailed settings customisation.
  • Multi-Level Load Balancing: particularly beneficial for complex sites like airport parking and housing communities. This advanced system efficiently manages power distribution across multiple charging stations, ensuring stable power delivery and reducing the risk of system overload.

In-depth charge session insights

Charge Session Insights was designed to help public charge point operators and site owners better understand and manage their pricing strategies. This new tool provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs and pricing of each charging session, addressing the challenge of setting optimal prices for profitability.

  • Detailed cost and price analysis: Operators can view detailed tables showing key components like kWh, price per kWh, VAT, and tariffs, both inclusive and exclusive of additional fees.
  • Empowering pricing decisions: Operators get an enhanced understanding of charge pricing, aiding in developing effective pricing strategies. It offers insights into actual costs per charge, helping to refine profit margins.

New dashboards for better operational insights

For operators in the charging industry, having insights into charging operations is vital for effective management and decision-making. Understanding this need, we introduced a new set of dashboards that provide data visualisations and operator overviews of your charging stations, your team’s charging stations, and revenue.

These dashboards are accessible to all operators free of charge and can be shared via public or password-protected links and displayed on office screens for continuous real-time monitoring of their business and operations.

Simplified charging reimbursements with the new Sponsored Charging flow

We introduced significant updates to the Sponsored Charging feature, focusing on streamlining charging sponsorships for employees and improving management efficiency. Key enhancements include:

  • Streamlined sponsorship requests: Employees can now request sponsorships directly through the Monta app, allowing admins to review and approve them in the Portal quickly.
  • Efficient Member Groups management: Team owners or admins can define settings for multiple team members at once, facilitating easier and time-saving management.
  • Seamless employee electricity cost-sharing: Employees can share their electricity costs directly via the app, ensuring reimbursements align closely with actual expenses for a fairer and more accurate process.

These updates aim to make the enrollment and management of sponsored charging more efficient and scalable, catering to various workforce sizes, while the new flow is designed to enhance the charging experience for all stakeholders.

Expanding the reach 

In 2023, we continued to expand our network of charge points, including those available on roaming, to ensure EV drivers have access to charging wherever they are. 

We added 154 new charger models, meaning the Monta app seamlessly works with over 400 charger models and taps into a huge network of over 500,000 public charge points. See the complete charge point list here.

This past year has been a journey of innovation and growth for Monta, marked by the introduction of numerous cutting-edge features to our portal. These enhancements have not only elevated the user experience but have also significantly improved operational efficiency in the EV charging sector. As we look back on the strides we’ve made, we’re excited about the path ahead. The coming year holds the promise of even more thrilling developments, building on our commitment to provide innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the EV charging industry. Get ready for an exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of EV charging operations.

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