Enable and set up SmartCharge

Start charging when it best suits your needs with the use of SmartCharge!
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 6 February, 2023

Interested in saving money whilst you charge or is lowering your CO2 emissions more appealing? We have a smart way of calculating when would be the best time to charge your car using our SmartCharge tool.

This is a practical guide that explains how to enable and set up the SmartCharge feature. Please note that the SmartCharge feature is only available for charge points that are set to "Private".

Before you can enable SmartCharge, you have to set your SmartCharge preferences.

1. Open the charge point settings and select "Access settings"

click charge point settings select access app

2. Click on "Private" and enable SmartCharge

Once you select the Private menu, you will see the option to enable SmartCharge.
Toggle on "Enable SmartCharge" and then just save the changes you've made.

select private toggle smartchage save app

3. Set up your electricity cost

You are able to SmartCharge, following your electricity price, including dynamic electricity tariffs. To do so, you need to set up a Cost Price group and apply it on your charge point.

Currently, you are able to do this on Monta's Portal. Remember to login with the same credentials you use for the Monta app.

Here is a guide on how you can set up a Cost Price group, based on Dynamic pricing.

Once you have set this up on Monta Portal, it will reflect on your SmartCharge forecast for electricity price.

4. Set up your first SmartCharge

Now you are ready to set up a SmartCharge session.

Click on your charge point and select the "SmartCharge" tab on the charging screen.

select smartcharge monta app

Setting up the charging session

On this screen, you can select the car you are going to be charging.

You can also set the "Charge amount". This can be either a fixed amount of kWh or a battery %. Please note that if you want to set the charge amount by %, you need to add you car to Monta first.

In the "End time" section, you can specify the time window, you want your car to charge. When you put an end time, the SmartCharge algorithm will calculate the charging session to be done by that time. You can also enable "Delayed start", which will limit the time window for charging.

If you have a sponsored charge point, then you need to select the "Sponsored charge by" option.

Start the charging session

To start the SmartCharge session, connect your car to the charge point and swipe to start. Once you do this, the charge point will display as "Busy", but it will not start charging until the time window, which the SmartCharge algorithm has calculated to fit your preferences.

5. What's next?

  • Set up Auto SmartCharge to start charging without the Monta app.
  • Set a delayed start for your SmartCharge session.
  • See your Insights to learn more about SmartCharge forecasts and set up cost tracking.
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