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Set up and use SmartCharge

Learn how to set up and perform a SmartCharge on your personal charge point at home.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 28 February, 2024
In this guide

Set up SmartCharge on your charge point

  1. Click on the settings wheel of the charge point
  2. Select Access settings and click on Private
  3. Toggle on Enable SmartCharge
  4. Save the changes

Set up the electricity cost of your charge point

You are able to SmartCharge, following your electricity cost, including dynamic electricity tariffs. To do this, you can set up your electricity costs in Monta Charge.

  1. Click on the settings wheel of your charge point
  2. Select Electricity cost
  3. Select between spot and fixed kWh price
  4. Choose your Distribution System Operator (DSO)
    • The DSO is suggested based on the location of the charge point
  5. Add other electricity fees in the Advanced settings
    • You can add additional fees per kWh or %, based on your utility agreement
  6. Check out the electricity cost and Save

Perform a SmartCharge

  1. Click to open the charge point
  2. Select the SmartCharge tab
  3. Select the car you are charging (optional)
    • If you have added your car, this will tell our system what is the battery capacity of your car
    • If you have also integrated your car, this will give the system a state of charge
  4. Select the time frame for charging
    • Select when you want the car to be ready for pickup
    • You set a Delayed start, which will delay the start of the charge after that time point
    • Your car is always able to stop the charge if the battery limit in the car settings is reached
  5. Adjust your SmartCharge preferences for the charge
    • Move the dot in the triangle to indicate how you want to balance your charging preference between low electricity cost, reduced CO2 emissions and use of renewable energy.
  6. Slide to set up the SmartCharge session
    • The charge will start according to the Monta’s SmartCharge algorithm calculation, even if you plug the car before that

Set up Auto SmartCharge

With Auto SmartCharge, the SmartCharge charge session will be automatically set up after you plug in the car. You need to perform at least one SmartCharge session before you use Auto SmartCharge.

If you cannot see Enable Auto SmartCharge, then you need to set up a SmartCharge Charging rule.

  1. Click on the settings wheel of the charge point
  2. Click on the settings wheel of the charge point
  3. Select Access Settings and select Private
  4. Toggle on Enable Auto SmartCharge
  5. Click on Save changes

Frequently asked questions

Why is my car charging immediately?

To optimize our SmartCharge feature, we are now starting the charge right away but at lowest possible ampere. The charge point will pump in the absolute minimal kWh’s to the car, a number very close to 0, and then when we reach the scheduled time for charging it will start with the full charge.

This allows us to check the connection to the charge point and make sure that everything is working until the charge is scheduled to start.

When we reach the scheduled time to start, we ramp up the power to charge your vehicle. If something is not working, you will now be notified immediately instead of when the charging is scheduled to start.

How do you calculate when my charge should start?

Monta’s SmartCharge algorithm takes into consideration:

  • How many kWhs are needed to complete your charge charge your car’s battery needs to get to full
  • How fast the charge point can charge your car
  • What is the capacity and SoC of the car (if you have added and integrated it)
  • Your SmartCharge preferences, whether optimizing for electricity prices, CO2, or renewable energy
  • The time window you set to charge and when your car needs to be charged by

It is possible that the SmartCharge does not start exactly when the electricity price is the cheapest, if you want to charge many kWh in a shorter period of time. After you have checked all the above mentioned factors, if have more questions, please reach out to our support team.

How do you know when my electricity cost is the cheapest?

Monta’s SmartCharge algorythm uses Nordpool to receive the spot price information for different country areas. The data is updated hourly, so we can make sure that you will charge at the lowest cost, if that is your priority.

If you want to customize the electricity cost to your personal utility agreement, we encourage you to set the charge point’s electricity cost in the Monta app as shown in this guide.

What are SmartCharge preferences?

With SmartCharge preferences you can select what is the most important for you when you charge. You can balance your needs between three variables:

  • Charging at the cheapest electricity cost
  • Charging with the least amount of CO2 emissions
  • Charging with electricity that is primarily sourced by renewable energy
When you set your SmartCharge preferences, Monta uses this information to pool the data from different sources and determine when your charge should be scheduled to

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