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How to invite and manage Team members

Learn how to invite Team members, share a join code, create and apply Team price groups and manage the permissions of Team members.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 15 January, 2024
In this guide

Invite your friends, neighbours, employees or other Monta users to a Team, so they can charge on your charge point.

Invite a user to a Team

  1. Open the Team in Monta app
  2. Click on “Team members” and select “Invite member”
  3. Select if you want to invite by phone or email and click “Send invitation”
  4. The user will appear in invited, until they have accepted the invitation

Invite members by Join code

You can let user join the Team by themselves, by sharing the Team’s join code.

  1. Open the Team in Monta app
  2. Click on “Join code” to copy it
  3. Share the code with the Monta user
    • The Monta user needs to use the join code to join your Team

Accept pending Team members

Once you have shared a join code, Team members will start requesting to join. The following steps explain how to approve a pending Team membership.

  1. Open the Team in Monta app
  2. Select “Team members”
  3. Click on “Respond”
  4. Approve the Team member

Alternatively, you can set your Team to automatically accept Team members who request to join.

Create Members price groups

You can set a Team member charging price, which you can apply to different Team members. The price per kWh will apply to the Team member even if the charge point is set to Public at a different price.

  1. Open the Team in Monta app
  2. Select “Member price group”
  3. Click on “Add price group”
  4. Name the price group and select the price
  5. Click on “Save”

Manage Team members

Once the Team members have successfully joined the Team, you can manage their price per kWh and administration permissions.

  1. Open the Team in Monta app
  2. Click on “Team members”
  3. Click on the three dots next to the Team member
    • You can give Admin rights to the user.
    • You can give the user the right to pay with the Team Wallet
    • You can change the price per kWh that the user is paying
  4. Click on “Save”

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