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What is a tax refund subscription?

Learn what a tax refund subscription is, who is managing it and where to ask for help.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 28 February, 2024
In this guide

1. Notes and Knowledge base

  • Monta is not a tax refund provider. We are only the platform, which enables our partners (tax refund providers) to keep track of the kWh charged on your charge point and issue you tax refund. We strive to be as transparent as possible about this process, as it is in our best interest that our users receive the tax refund they are entitled to.

  • Before you subscribe to a tax refund provider, you will need to connect your charge point. If you haven’t done this yet, read how to set your charge point up on Monta here.

  • This is a paid subscription via a Third Party. The fee will be deducted from your Monta Wallet and not your bank account. This is an automatic transaction once your application has been accepted.

  • Your Wallet is also where the Tax Refund will go and you can use this as either a payment method for charging your car through Monta, or you can withdraw the funds into your bank account.

  • You can cancel the subscription at any time, but please note that tax refund providers have different cancelation policies.

  • If you are supplying your electricity via solar panels, you are not eligible for tax refund. In order to receive tax refund, you need to be connected to an electrical supply and have a meter that measures how many kWh you have charged.

  • The subscription process is handled by our 3rd Party Service Providers who manually review each application. Sometimes it can be approved by the end of the day, or in some cases in a few days. Some are held in a “Pending” state if the required documentation is missing or incorrect.

  • There is a difference between charge points that support automatic meter readings and the ones that require manual readings.

  • If your charge point supports automatic meter readings, payouts for your charge are usually instant but there are some circumstances where this can take several hours. If there have been 2 charges since the missing payment, contact us via the app and we’ll investigate.

  • If you want to apply for a tax refund subscription, you can follow this guide here.

2. If your meter supports automatic readings

If your charge point supports automatic meter readings, you will see this under the status bar. Then you do not need to perform any action and tax refunds will come automatically after each charge is performed.

automatic readings enabled 1

3. If your meter does not support automatic readings

If your meter does not support automatic tax readings, that means that you need to perform manual meter readings.

Different meter setups

Not every charge point that requires a manual meter reading can be approved for a tax refund subscription. This depends on where the meter of your charge point is located. The meter is the little screen that shows how many kWh have been charged on the charge point.

Add meter documentation

When you apply for a tax refund subscription, on the Tax Refund screen, you’ll need to add supporting (picture) documentation to your claim. Click on the Add reading button.

manual reading needed 2

4. Who to contact about my tax refund subscription?

Here is a list of different scenarios you may encounter and who can help you with resolving the situation.

Please note that you are always welcome to contact Monta support with questions.

In this table we are only specifying who has the power to take action and/or make changes in the described situations.


Monta support

Tax refund service provider

Subscription is pending

Subscription is canceled

Missing automatic tax refunds

Missing notification for a manual meter reading

Manual reading not approved

Canceling a subscription

Being charged after canceling a subscription

Change in subscription price

Change in service conditions

To see the contact information of your tax refund service provider, please refer to your subscription details in Monta Charge.

Need to talk to a specialist?

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Sign in the Monta Portal and create a support ticket.
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