Insights for private charge points in the Monta app

Estimate your charge point electricity cost, set up and follow SmartCharge forecasts and much more with private charge point Insights in the Monta app.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 9 May, 2023

What are Insights?

Interested in getting an in-depth analysis of your charging, statistics of the average price per kWh, tracking your energy consumption or money saved? With Insights you can do all of this and much more! You can even see predictions on CO2 emissions or renewable energy available!

In the Monta app, you can follow your consumption on both public and private charge points. This guide is focused on understanding Insights of charging on your personal charge point at home. Here, you can read more about understanding the consumption on your public charging.

Whether you are interested in saving money or lowering your CO2 emissions we have solution for you - SmartCharging! Learn how you can set up your charging preferences and enable SmartCharge feature on your charge point.

Your Insights will be based on preferences chosen for the SmartCharging. You will find here the forecasts when would be the best time to charge your car depending on your needs!

1. Click on the "Insights" tab

click on insights tab monta app

2. Select the charge point

Open the drop down menu on top of the screen and select the private charge point you want to see.

click drop down select private charge point monta app

3. Set a cost price for your charge point

You can set up a cost price in the Monta app, so you can estimate how much the electricity consumption of the charge point is going to cost you. This number will just be used for calculating within the Insights section, it will not generate a transaction.

Click on the "Current price" tab

select current price monta app

Set your electricity cost for charging

Here you can set up your electricity cost as Spot price or Fixed kWh price.

select spot or fixed price electricity monta app

Set your electricity tariffs and costs

Select your Distribution System Operator (DSO). This is the company that transports the electricity to your home. Monta will automatically suggest the correct DSO, based on your charge point's location.

This will determine the additional tariffs that are charged on top of your spot price.

Click on "Advanced settings" to add other costs if you need to.

add tariff information monta app

Set "Additional settings"

If you have any additional costs, you can add them here. You can check this with your electricity provider. This will be accounted in the cost calculation.

Remember to click on "Save".

put in extra costs save cost settings monta app

4. See your Private charging Insights

Here, you can see different statics about your private consumption. Please note that there are 2 tabs with statistics.

My sessions

This tab is for the charges performed by your Monta account on the charge point.

All sessions

If you are sharing the charge point with other Team members or you have made it Public, we suggest to view this tab, as it will include all sessions by users that have charged on the charge points.

see insights statistics private monta app


If you click on the sessions section, you will see how many charges have been performed on your charge point.


The next section shows you how many kWh you have charged on your charge point, using Monta. Please note that if your charge point disconnected from Monta and you have charged outside of Monta, the charge will not appear in this summary. If you have any doubts about your consumption, reach out to our Support Team.

Electricity cost

This is where you can see the estimated electricity cost for your charge point. This is the result of multiplying the cost group you have created in the previous step of this guide, by the kWh charged on the charge point for the month.

Avg. cost/ kWh

This section shows you the average spot price at the times you have charged.

Saved money

Here, you can see your spot price savings, based on performing SmartCharge. 

Saved CO2

In this section, you can see how much CO2 you have saved, by performing SmartCharging.

5. Private charging forecasts

You can click on each attribute to see more detailed information about your insights.

SmartCharge forecast

Here, you can see when Monta's SmartCharge algorithm recommends that you perform a SmartCharge. This is based on your location, charge point attributes and SmartCharge preferences.

Enable the SmartCharge feature and you will find the best time to start charging your car according to these predictions, your SmartCharge preferences and your car battery size. Start saving money💸 Lower your CO2 emissions🍃and use more renewable energy ♻️! Read here how to enable Smart Charge feature in the Monta app.

You edit your SmartCharge preferences, by clicking on it. This will affect your SmartCharge forecast.

set up smartcharge preferences insights monta app

Forecasted spot price per kWh

forecasted spot price kWh private monta app

Forecasted CO2 level and renewable energy

forecasted co2 and renewable private charge point monta app

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