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Understand your charging Insights

Follow your consumption on your personal charge point, or for charging on the go with Monta's Insights feature.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 28 February, 2024
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What are Insights?

Interested in getting an in-depth analysis of your charging, statistics of the average price per kWh, tracking your energy consumption or money saved? With Insights you can do all of this and much more! You can even see predictions on CO2 emissions or renewable energy available!

In Monta Charge, you can follow your consumption on both Public and Private charge points. 

Private charging Insights

You can see the charging Insights per charge point that you own.

  1. Click on Insights from navigation menu
  2. Select the charge point to the charge Insights for it
  3. You can edit the electricity cost, which will affect your charging price forecast
  4. See your charge session details for the specific month
    • My sessions are the charges started by you
    • All sessions is relevant to see if there is another driver using your charge point
  5. See your SmartCharge forecast, based on your SmartCharge preferences
  6. See your cost of charging forecast, based on your electricity cost

Public charging Insights

You can track your consumption while you were charging on Public and shared charge points.

  1. Click on Insights from navigation menu
  2. From the menu, select Public charging
  3. See your charge session details for the specific month
    • Number of sessions
    • Number of kWh charged on Public charge points
    • Average price per kWh
    • Total amount of money spent on Public charging
  4. See forecast for Public charging price, based on spot price for your region

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