How to create a Scheduled charge?

Schedule a charge on your charge point, so it happens exactly when you want to start charging!
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

1. Find your charge point in the app and click on it

Click on "Chargers" and find your charge point. Click on it to open the charging menu.

open the charge point monta app

2. Select "Schedule"

Select the option for Scheduled charge on the menu.

select scheduled select carr app

Select your car

If you have added your car to your Monta account, you can select it in the "Car" section. This is not mandatory.

3. Set the time for charging

Click on the field, which specifies "Start" and "Stop". Select the time window, in which you want your car to charge and select "Save".

set the time for charging app

Continue to the next step, by clicking on "Go to payment".

4. Schedule the charge

On this page, you can review if the charge is free or paid, how many kWh are expeted to be charged on the car. Swipe to schedule the charge on the car.

schedule charge monta app

5. Plug in the car and start charging!

Now the charge point is prepared for charging. The charge will start at the start time you have specified. All you need to do is plug in your car to the charge point!

plug in car monta app
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