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Public charging troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with starting a charge on a public charge point, here are some troubleshooting suggestions.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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Can’t start charging via Monta Charge

1. Check that the cable is plugged in

If the car cable is not securely plugged in, then the charge cannot start. If that is the case, you will see a message saying “Your cable was not plugged in”.

2. Wait for the charge to start

When you start a charge on Monta Charge, you need to wait a minimum of 30 seconds for the charge to start. Our system is sending Start signals to the charge point in intervals, until it either starts the session, or fails the charge.

3. Check if your car is actually charging

See on the car computer if the car is already charging, even if Monta Charge has not updated into a charging state yet. Check the indicator light, located next to the car plug, to see if it has registered the start of a charge.

4. Try to start the charge in Monta Charge first and then plug in your car

Try to start the charge in Monta Charge before plugging in your car.

Step 1: Set up the charging session in Monta Charge and swipe Charge now.

Step 2: Plug the cable in your car.

Can’t start charging via charge key

1. Make sure that you have enough funds in your Wallet

If you do not have enough funds in the Monta Wallet to cover the charge, you will not be able to start charging. Here is how you can refill your personal Monta Wallet or a Team’s Monta Wallet.

2. Make sure the charge point can read charge keys

Not all charge points are able to start a charge via RFID tag. If you are not sure if the charge point supports charge keys, you can check that via the Monta Charge -> Map.

Try to find the charge point on the map and see if has the label Charge key. Alternatively, you can try initiating a charge via Monta Charge or see if there is a QR sticker you can scan to start charging.

For more charge key troubleshooting tips, read here.

Charging cable is stuck in the charge point

If your charging cable is stuck in the charge point after you are done charging, you can try the following:

1. Plug the cable back and lock/unlock the car

  • Plug the cable back in your car.
  • Make sure that the cable is securely plugged on both sides.
  • Lock and unlock your car – this should release the cable.
  • Unplug the cable from your car.
  • Unplug the cable from the charge point.

2. Look for a service number on the charge point

If the cable is still stuck in the charge point, see if there is a service number on the charge point you can call. Monta is not locking the cable.

3. Cable is stuck on an Easee charge point

If your cable is stuck, specifically on an Easee charge point, here is how you can manually release the cable from the charge point side:

  • Make sure the car is disconnected.
  • Make sure the permanent lock is deactivated.
  • Push the charging cable hard into the charge point.
  • Keep pressing the cable into the charge point while you use the other hand to hold the touch button on the unit.
  • Listen for a click sound from the charge point, which should release the cable.

Other charge point models may also have a mechanical button, which would release a stuck cable. Inspect the unit to see if that is the case.

Charge is not stopping after I unplugged

Monta Charge might show “Charging” even after disconnecting your car from a public charge point. This is because we’re waiting for the charge point provider’s receipt (e.g., Clever, EON), which could take a few days, keeping the active status.

You will pay only for the actual kWh you have charged. Your session ends when you unplug. When we receive the receipt, your status will change to “Complete” automatically.

Charge point is emitting a red light

If the charge point is emitting a red light, this means that it is malfunctioning in some way and you will not be able to charge.

We recommend to report the charge point in Monta Charge and proceed to find a different charge point, you can charge on.

Charge point is showing “Available”, when it is actually “Busy”

Sometimes there is delay in updating the status of charge point, depending on who operates it. Refresh the screen to get an updated status.

The charge point is too slow

Monta doesn’t change how fast a charge point charges. There are various reasons for slower charging, which we’ll explain below. It’s a good idea to check these things:

  1. EV capabilities: Your vehicle might limit the charging speed. To see the maximum speed allowed, check your car’s app or computer settings.
  2. Charge Point capabilities: The charge point’s installation could limit speed. Ask an installer to confirm it’s set up correctly and check its software settings.
  3. Load Balancing: Sometimes charging speed is restricted by Load Balancing.
  4. Cable: Ensure your cable is working and not damaged. Also, make sure it supports the desired charging speed.
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