Using public charge points

Are you on the road and in need to charge you vehicle? Just open the Monta map and with a few easy steps, you will be charging in no time!
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 24 January, 2023

1. Notes

You will be able to pay by Apple Pay or your credit card. However, you will need to first a set up a payment method in order to charge your car on a public charge point, using Monta.

The best way to do this is to set it up before you charge. Don't worry, you only need to do this once, or until you want to use another payment method.

If you see a Monta sticker with a QR code, you can also start a charge by scanning it. 

2. Under navigation "Map", look for an available charge point

You can filter out charge points according to your needs. 

Map in the app

3. Adjust the charging session settings

Select a charge point to confirm that it is available and fill in all the necessary information.


It is not mandatory to have your car registered in the Monta app to charge it. If you have not put in a car, you can click on the section on the screen and fill in the information. You can also follow this guide.

Charge amount

In this section, you can put in how many kWh you want to charge. You can select between charging a percentage of your car battery, a fixed amount of kWh or to charge til full. Please note that if you want to charge by percentage or til full, you need to have your vehicle registered in the Monta app.

After you have adjusted these settings, click on "Go to payment"

see charge overview app

4. Adjust payment method

Here, you can see everything about the payment of the charge you are about to perform. 


Here, you can need to choose how you are going to pay for this charging session. Click on "Wallet" to see your options for payment.

If you do not have enough funds, or you have not chosen a payment method before, you will see that you have to "Refill the Wallet". If you see this bar, click on it and follow the steps to add your payment method and/or funds.

select wallet to pay for charge app

Pickup Time

Set the time when you would like to pick up your car.

adjust pickup time for charge app

See estimated price

If you want to see how we estimate the price of the charge, you can click on the small information icon, next to "Estimated price". Afterwards, just click on "Okay, got it", to close the pop up window.

read about estimated price app

4. Start charging

Once you have the funds to pay for the charge or what to use Apple Pay, you will see the estimated price, amount and time. Please note, you will be pay for the exact amount that you've charged for. Please review it carefully before you start charging:

  • Price of charging session

  • Amount of kWh to charge

  • Pick up time

  • Swipe to start charging!
swipe to start charging app

Need help?

You can also follow this guide for some basic troubleshooting tips. 

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