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Using Public charge points

Learn how to pay and start charging on a public charge point.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 7 May, 2024
In this guide

This guide is focused on the different methods for starting a charge on a Public charge point.

For troubleshooting advice, read here.

Start a charge via Monta Charge

If you are already a Monta user, you can easily start a charge from Monta Charge.

  1. Open the Monta Map and select a charge point
  2. Click to open the charge point
  3. Select or add your car (optional)
  4. Click on Go to payment
  5. Click on + Select payment method
  6. Select an available payment method or add a bank card
  7. Slide to start charging

Start a charge via QR sticker

If you see a QR sticker on the charge point you can start a charge whether or not you have a Monta account! Here is how you do that:

  1. Scan the QR sticker with your phone camera or NFC
    • If you have the Monta app, it will open on your phone (see step above)
  2. Add your email and read and accept Terms of Use
  3. Click on Continue to payment
  4. Select from the payment methods available on your device or add a bank card
  5. Swipe to start charging

Start a charge via RFID

You can attach a charge key (RFID) to your Monta Wallet and start charging with a single tap!

  1. Pair a charge key to your Monta Wallet
  2. Make sure you have enough funds for charging in the Monta Wallet
  3. Plug in your car and tap the RFID of the charge point
    • Please note that not all charge points support RFID cards

Start a charge via Payter terminal

If you see that there is an available payment terminal at the site, you can use to start a charge.

  1. Plug in your car to the charge point
  2. Look at the Payter screen to confirm it is the right charge point
  3. Swipe a bank card to pay and start charging immediately

You will not automatically receive a receipt when charging via a payment terminal. Follow this process to find and download your receipt.

How to report problem

  1. Click on the headphones icon
  2. Click on Report this charge point
  3. Select a reason for reporting from the drop down menu
  4. Describe in detail the issue with the charge point
  5. Provide any screenshots you have of the issue
  6. Select of you want a follow up from Monta
  7. Click on Submit report and do it

Frequently asked questions

What is Continuous charging?

Continuous charging means that the charge will continue, until the car stops the charge or you manually stop it.

What is a passcode?

A passcode is a 4-digit code that you need to use every time you use your Monta Wallet. This is a measure to secure your Wallet payments in Monta. You can learn how to set it up here.

A passcode is used every time you:


How can I pay for Public charging?

Payment methods for paid charging include:

  • Apple or Google Pay
  • Mobile Pay / Vipps
  • Your personal Monta Wallet
  • A Monta Wallet you have access to use for payments
  • Added bank card

Here is a guide that describes how you can add the payment method during charging.

Why does Monta reserve money for a charge?

Monta reserves money for charging as a security measure for the charge point owner. There are many things that affect a charge, so the Monta system cannot predict precisely how much a charge is going to cost. For example, the car can stop the charge earlier than expected, making the charge cheaper.

That’s why, the system needs to reserve money. Once the charge done, the charge point communicates the charged kWh information to the Monta system and the extra funds are released.

Need to talk to a specialist?

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