How can I add my charge key(s) to Monta?

Here is a guide that explains and shows how you can pair a RFID key to your personal Monta Wallet.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

What is a charge key?

A charge key is a way to start a charge by sending a signal to the Monta system. It is also an extension of your Monta Wallet and other payment methods.

Once you scan a charge key on the charge point, it will start the transaction and cover the payment for it.

Please note this applies to both the plastic card and the leather keychain product.

1. Under navigation select "Me"and click on "Personal Wallet"

Click on Me and Personal Wallet

2. Locate Charge keys (RFID)

In order to add charge keys (RFID) click on "+ Charge key".

Add Charge Key Click

3. Read NFC Key

You can add and pair Charge keys (RFID) by reading NFC Key. Go ahead and click on "Read NFC Key". 

Methods to pair charge keys

Scan the charge point and click on "Pair charge key".

Scan and Pair Charge Key

4. Pair through charge point

Make sure that your charge point is already connected to Monta and is available - you can follow the guide how to do it here.

You can only pair a key through a charge point that you own. Select the charge point to which you are pairing Charge Key (RFID) by clicking on it. Scan the RFID tag located in your charge point and click on "Pair charge key".

Methods to pair charge keys

You will now have 60 seconds to scan your charge key at your charge point. Once your charge point detects a charge key, you will be able to give the key a name and pair it.

Pair through charge key

5. Enter key number manually

If your charge keys identifier has 8, 14 or 20 characters stated, this is a good option and you can pair it manually. However, unfortunately the serial number written on the charge key is sometimes not the right one needed for pairing it to Monta. Enter the charge key number and click on "Pair charge key".

If you are trying to add the number written on your charge key(s) and we do not accept it, we suggest to instead pair the key(s) by other options described above.

Add Charge Key Manually

6. Enable External Charge Keys

NB! Some chargers (eg. ABB) require you to enable the use of the external charge keys/RFID cards from the app/portal of the charge point.

To enable the external charge keys go to configuration settings of your charge points app/portal and click on Card.

To give the permission to the Monta charge key switch on the "Enable external cards" toggle.

7. Order a charge key

Here you can also order Monta Charge Key which will be sent to you by post.

Begin by selecting the charge key you want to order. State how many charge keys you would like, next you will need to add the delivery address and payment method.

Order Charge Key

You can now use your Monta charge key!

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