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Set up your Sponsored Charge point

Learn how you can get Sponsored charging from your employer.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 18 June, 2024
In this guide

Sponsored charging is a Monta feature which allows companies to sponsor their employees to charge theirs EV at home.

The sponsored solution allows to get refunded every-time employee charges company car at home. A set reimbursement amount per kWh will be transferred from your employer’s Wallet to your personal Wallet after every charge or at the end of month, as it is set up by the employer.

Request sponsoring from your employer

If you see a label Sponsoring available on your home charge point, this means that you can make a request for your employer to start sponsoring your charging sessions at home.

If you don’t see it available, please reach out to your employer.

  1. Click on the settings wheel of your charge point
  2. Select Sponsored charging and click on Request to get sponsored
  3. To share your electricity cost with your employer, click on Provide electricity costs
    • Select if you have Spot or Fixed kWh pricing
    • Select Network Operator (availability depends on country and region)
    • Specify if you have additional pricing (based on your electricity agreement)
    • Check the settings and confirm that this is your electricity cost
    • Click on Request to get sponsored
  4. Your request is now Pending – your employer needs to approve it
  5. The Sponsored charging is Active – you can start being sponsored when charging!

Start a Sponsored charge at home

Sponsored charging works with Charge now, Scheduled charge and SmartCharge.

You can also create Charging rules, where automatic charges are Sponsored.

  1. Open your charge point
  2. Set your charge as desired and click to Continue
  3. The first time you will get an info message – Click on Got it
  4. Make sure that the Sponsored Wallet is selected
  5. Slide to start charging!

Update electricity cost of charging

You can now share the electricity cost of charging with your employer, so they can accurately reimburse you the cost of charging the company car at your personal charge point (see first step).

If you need to make an update to your electricity cost, you can do this in Monta Charge and your employer will have to review and approve the change.

  1. Open the settings of your charge point and select Sponsored section
  2. Click to edit the Electricity cost
  3. Follow the steps to update the cost
  4. Confirm the changes and click Update electricity cost
  5. Await approval from your employer or Admin
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