How to find out if my car stopped the charge in the Monta app?

This guide explains how to determinate if your car has stopped the charge in the Monta app.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

There can be many reasons why your car stopped charging. Sometimes this can happen, because your car has paused the charge and is not receiving kWh from the charger. Here is a quick guide that explains how you can determine if the charge was stopped by your EV in the Monta app.

1. Find your charge point

Under navigation click on "Chargers", find your charge point and click on settings icon ( ⚙️).

Charge Point Settings

2. Select "Monta Connection"

Select Monta Connection

3. Click on "See log"

The charge point logs contains all events that happens during the charging sessions. In the logs you can see when a charge has started, when it has stopped and what is the reason behind it.

See charge point logs

4. Scroll through the logs

When you enter the charge point logs, you can start scrolling through and see all the events. If you see SuspendedEV in the status notification of the charging session, this means that your car has paused the charge.

When we get the "SuspendedEV" message in the log files, it means that we are getting a message from the car that the charge we have started needs to be paused/suspended. For safety reasons car is the superior, thus Monta software will stop the charge if the car communicates so.

Usually the SuspendedEV message comes in the following scenarios -

  • There is a scheduled charge in the car which stops our charge.
  • There is a scheduled charge from another app or directly from the charging station.
  • The car is fully charged or has reached the percentage it is set to max charge to in the car.

5. Troubleshooting

If you see that your car has paused the charging session you need to check your car settings. Access yours EV charging settings and see if there are any active settings for controlling the charge. If there is any setting for starting or stopping a charge, you need to disable it.

Check thoroughly inside the car software itself and in all the apps you have/use if there are scheduled charges.

See if there is a percentage set in the car that the car should charge to (maybe it is mistakenly set to 80%, but you want to charge to 100%).

Check if there is an update to the firmware on the charger, and the same with the software in the car.

Contact the manufacturer of your charger or the ones you bought the charger from to see if they can troubleshoot from their end why the charging stops. Maybe there is a setting set in the setup that was overlooked, or maybe they have more information about why the car chooses to stop charging.

Please note that Monta will not be able to continue the charge, if your car has paused it. Our system sends signals to your charger, but if your car suspends receiving kWh, we cannot overrule that.

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