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Charge point remote actions

Reboot charge point, start and stop charging, access the charge point logs and other remote actions.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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Remote actions

You can remotely perform actions on your charge points to troubleshoot and run checks on the status. Just open the charge point and click on the Remote actions button.

Action Description
Reboot charge pointThis action will restart the charge point.
Start charge This action will start a charging session, if a car is plugged in the charge point.
Stop chargeThis action will stop an ongoing charging session.
Force stop chargingThis action will force stop any ongoing charging session on the charge point. Please note that if you force stop a charge, this will take away the payment for the charge.
Run a check This action will check the status of the charge point.
Remote action descriptions

Access charge point logs

The charge points logs can be used when you are troubleshooting a charge point.

Just open the charge point, click on Connection and then select View logs.

StartTransaction The charging session begins.
StopTransactionThe charging session ends.
StatusNotificationA change of the status of an ongoing charge
SuspendedEVThe car has suspended the charge. This could mean that the car’s battery is full or that the car is not taking electricity for other reasons. Monta has no control over whether the car will accept the charge during the session.
SuspendedEVSEThe charge point has paused the charge. You can see this when you have a scheduled charge. The charge point would pause the supply of electricity to the car, until it is time for the charge to start.
ChargingThis means the charge point is charging the car.
BootNotificationThe charge point has rebooted itself or by Monta’s command.
DisconnectThe charge point has disconnected from the Monta system.
ConnectThe charge point has connected to Monta’s system.
Charge point logs descriptions
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