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Home charging troubleshooting

See troubleshooting advice for charging on your personal charge point at home.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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My charge was interrupted

If your car stopped charging before reaching the kWh limit:

  1. Open the logs of the charge point in the Monta Charge or Monta Hub
  2. If you see Suspended EVSE, it’s the charge point – check the native software of the charge point to confirm that there are no settings that can interrupt a charge.
  3. If you see Suspended EV, it’s the car – check the car’s settings to remove any charging schedules and charging limits.

SmartCharge starts at the wrong time

If your SmartCharge session did not take place in the time you expected, here is what we recommend to do:

  1. Check your SmartCharge preferences to make sure that they correctly represent what is most important for you.
  2. Check that your charging cable, charge point, or car are not limiting the charge speed. Your charge point’s charging speed should be correctly filled out in the Monta Charge.
  3. Check that you have correctly filled out the Electricity cost section in the charge point settings.
  4. Check your charge point native software settings (if you have an account) to make sure that the charge point is not set to start charging independently from Monta’s schedules (Free charging or Free vending mode).

My charge failed

There are several possible reasons why your charge may have failed:

  1. The charge point disconnected: If your charge point has lost internet connection, it will be in a “Disconnected” state, and charging won’t be possible until the connection is restored. We suggest to read this guide to learn how to improve your charge point connectivity.
  2. Other apps controlling the charge: Monta should be the only application managing the charging sessions. Check the charge point’s app, the charge point’s cloud, and the car’s app to make sure there are no schedules or setups from other apps that could interfere with charging.
  3. Your car paused the charge: You can review the logs of your charge point to identify events that happened during the charging process, including start and stop events and reasons for stops. If you notice “SuspendedEV” in the status notification of the charging session, it means your car has paused the charge. Check your car’s EV charging settings to see if there are any active settings for controlling the charge and disable them. Monta cannot continue the charge if your car has paused it, as it cannot overrule your car’s command to suspend receiving kWh.

My charge point is not registering kWh in Monta

If you are able to charge on your charge point, but you cannot see the kWh registered in Monta, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your charge point connected to Monta .
  2. If you are checking in the Monta Charge, make sure that you are looking at the Insights of the correct private charge point.
  3. Open the charge point’s native configuration tool (WebUI or app) and the settings related to Authentication. Make sure that the charge point requires authentication to start charge and disable any “Free vending” or “Free charging” mode.
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