Integrate your car with Monta

Improve your Monta experience by integrating your car to the Monta app.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 11 April, 2023

Integrating your car with Monta is now possible, due to our partnership with Enode!

When you integrate your car, you give permission to our system access information about your car, such as:

  • SoC (State of Charge)

  • Charging rate

  • Scheduling

  • Charging statistics and much more!

Please note that not all car brands and models support all of the above listed functionalities. If you want to learn more about this, you can do so here.

1. Prerequisites and notes

Before you can integrate your car in with Monta, you need to add it to your Monta account. If you have not done this, please follow this guide.

Please note that adding a vehicle in the Monta app is not the same as integrating it with Monta. In this guide you are going to learn how to integrate your car after it has already been added to your account.

2. Supported car brands and models

This feature is possible due to our partnership with Enode. They are continuously testing and adding new brands and models to the long list of supported car integrations with Monta.

Here, you can see the state of different car brands and models, their availability and the different integration functionalities.

The list of supported cars includes brands and models, which can be Live, Beta or Testing.

Live: Vehicles can be linked.

Beta: You can try to integrate your vehicle.

Please note that if your car brand is displayed as Beta, you can try to integrate your car, but there can be some limitations. For example, there could be a delay with receiving data from your car and the integration functionalities are not guaranteed to be correct. At this point, we cannot foresee possible complications with this, but the user is able to test it out.

Testing: Internal testing, not available.

3. Navigate to your vehicle

Let's begin your EV integration to Monta!

Go to "Me" and click on your added EV.

Access EV Added

Click on "Connect your car".

Connect your car

4. Integration possibilities

On the next screen you will see if you are able to integrate your car. This depends on the development stage of the brand and model of the car in Enode.

Live: You will be able to login to your account.

Live EV on Enode

Beta: You can integrate your car with some possible limitations.

Car on Beta

Testing: You are not able to integrate your car yet.

Car not supported for integration

5. Follow the login instructions

We used an Audi car as an example.

Allow Enode to log in to your car cloud

You will need to sign in to your car cloud account.  Please follow the steps on the screen.

Sign in to Car Cloud

6. Read the permissions

See the cars connected to your EV cloud.

Carefully read the permissions that this integration gives to Monta and click on "Allow". Now your EV has been successfully linked to Monta!

7. Add the car

If you have more than one EV connected to your car cloud account please select which one you would like to integrate. If you had only EV connected to your account your car will be added by default. Success your car has been added!

Car Added Succesfully

8. See car integration status

Now that you have integrated your car you can see all the live information available about your EV on the Monta app in "Car integration". Here you can see if your car is charging, if cable is plugged in, battery level.

Car Status Information
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