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How to make your charge point Public

Put your charge point on the Monta map! Assign your charge point Public access and give it a price.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 15 January, 2024
In this guide

You can let EV drivers use your personal charge point, by making it Public. In this guide you will learn how to make your charge point visible on the Monta map so drivers can find and use it!

Enable Public visibility

  1. Click on the settings wheel of your charge point
  2. Click on “Access settings” and select “Public
  3. Set a Public price
    • This is how much drivers will pay to charge per kWh
    • You can schedule changing prices on your charge point via Monta Portal
  4. Put a “Public note” for drivers (optional)
    • This is a message that the driver can see in the app when they open your charge point
    • Example: The charge point is behind the postbox.
  5. Indicate if there is a cable that drivers can use
  6. Toggle on, if you want to allow drivers to chat with you in the Monta app
  7. Click on “Set to Public”

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Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule different prices?

Yes, you can schedule to change the price of a Public charge point via the Monta Portal.

What is the difference between Public and Private charge points?


  • Private charge points are available to the charge point owner and the Members of the Team, where the charge point is located.
  • Public charge points can be found by Monta users on the Monta map


  • Private charge point pricing is set on a Team member level. A Team Member price will be applied, even when the charge point is Public.
  • Public charge points have a set price that applies to all EV drivers who use the charge point, except for Team members, which have access to the charge point.

How do EV drivers find my charge point?

When you make your charge point Public, Monta users can find it on the Monta map. Here is a guide on how that works.

If you want to have your charge point available on other platforms, such as Google Maps, you need to upgrade your Monta plan to Business and enable Roaming. You can read more about this here.

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