Set up Public visibility to your charge point through the Monta app

Put your charge point on the Monta map! Assign your charge point Public access and give it a price.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 14 February, 2023

Setting your charge point to Public makes it visible to all Monta users. Anyone can see your charge point and anyone can charge at it. They will be charged the price you set and you will receive their payment to your Monta Wallet.

Let's set your charge point to Public! If you haven't connected your charge point with Monta yet, read here first.

1. Open the settings of the charge point and select "Access settings"

charge point settings select access monta app

2. Select "Public" and click on "Public price"

select public click price group app

3. Add a price and give it a name

When you are adding a public price, give it a distinctive name. That way you can easily switch between different price groups.

add another price and name it app

4. Adjust the settings of your charge point and set to Public

Now you can see the price you have created.

When you click back you are able to adjust other Public settings of your charge point.

When you have done this, just set your charge point to Public.

edit public settings and set to public app

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