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Charge point pricing & access

Learn how to change the access and visibility of your charge points, control the pricing and schedule availability for EV drivers.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 1 March, 2024
In this guide

What is charge point access?

You can set different types of access on your charge points, depending on who needs to have access to the charge point and start charging. This guide is dedicated to managing the access & pricing of your charge points to all EV drivers.

Private charge points can only be used by the members of the Team, where the charge point is located.

Public charge points can be used by all EV drivers, and they will pay the price/ kWh that you set on the charge point. 

Schedules allow you set a time for the charge point to switch between Public and Private visibility.

Set a charge point to Public

  1. Open the charge point in Monta Hub
  2. Click on Pricing & Access
  3. In the Charge point accessibility select Public from the drop-down menu
  4. Edit the price group from the three action dots
    • The Default price group is automatically applied
    • Select Open price group to edit the price group
    • Select Change price group to select a different price group
  5. Click on Save changes

Create a Public price group

  1. Open the Team to the Price Groups tab
  2. Click on Add new and select Public Price Group
  3. Fill in the price group details, such as name, price amount, price type and tariff
  4. Click on Save

Apply a Public Price group

  1. Open the Team and navigate to Price Groups
  2. Click on the three action dots and select Apply to charge points and sites
  3. Select the charge points to use the Price Group and click Save
  4. You can click to Switch to charge sites and select a whole site to use the Price Group
  5. Remember to click Save

Show a charge point on the Monta map

Even if you make a charge point Public, you can still control whether it is visible on Monta Map for EV drivers to find.

  1. Open the charge point in Monta Hub
  2. Click on Pricing & Access
  3. Go to Show charge point on map
    • Toggle on = all EV drivers can find the charge point on the Monta map
    • Toggle off = charge point is not visible on the map, but EV drivers can start a charge on a Public price

Create a Scheduled access

You can create a Schedule, so charge points switch between Private and Public visibility automatically.

In this example, we are showing a Schedule, where the charge points are Public during the day and Private during the night.

  1. Open the Team in Monta Hub and click on Schedules
  2. Click on + New Schedule
  3. Fill out the name and time zone, where the schedule is applying
  4. Select the default availability
  5. Go to Scheduled changes and state when and how you want accessibility to change
    • You can switch the charge points between Public and Private
    • You can switch the Price Groups of the charge points at different hours
  6. Select to which charge points you want to apply the schedule and click Save

Edit charge point’s visibility in bulk

You can bulk edit the visibility and pricing of the charge points in a Team.

  1. Open the Team and select the Charge points tab
  2. Select some or all charge points in the Team
  3. Click on Accessibility & pricing
  4. Select between Public, Private or Scheduled visibility
  5. Click on Save

Enable charge point reservation

Reservation allows EV drivers to reserve your charge point for a fee, via Monta Charge. This way EV drivers are not wasting time arriving to an occupied charge point.

The first 2 minutes of the reservation are free of charge, after which the user will pay 50% of the estimated charging price, per minute.

  1. Open the charge point and select Pricing & Access
  2. Scroll down and toggle on Charge point reservation
  3. Set a maximum amount of time for reservation
  4. Click on Save

Charge point deeplink

Every charge point that is added to Monta has a unique deeplink, which be used to start charging with or without Monta Charge. You can share the link directly with a person who needs to charge, or you can use it to create a QR sticker for charging.

  1. Open the charge point and click on Pricing & Access
  2. Scroll down and click on Copy link
  3. Open to view the charge point in a browser and share

Frequently asked questions

How do EV drivers find my charge point?

When you make your charge point Public, Monta users can find it on the Monta map. Here is a guide on how that works.

If you want to have your charge point available on other platforms, such as Google Maps, you need to upgrade your Monta plan to Business and enable Roaming. You can read more about this here.

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