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Enable Roaming on a charge point

Share your charge points on other charing platforms by enabling Roaming via Monta Hub.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 4 June, 2024
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Roaming is the industry terminology for sharing charge points with other networks. Monta is sharing charge points on networks like Hubject and Gireve but also does direct sharing agreements with companies like Plugsurfing. When a user makes a charge on a Monta charge point through another app, this is called a roaming charge.

Please note that Roaming is only available for Enterprise and Business plan.

Enable Roaming on a charge point

Roaming can only be enabled on Active charge points with a valid address.

  1. Open the charge point in Monta Hub
  2. In the Pricing & Access section, scroll down to Roaming
  3. Toggle on Enable roaming
  4. Select the Roaming Price Group you want to apply
  5. Click on Save changes

Create a new Roaming Price Group

Roaming Price Groups can be created and edited from the charge point settings, when you want to activate Roaming, as shown above.

This step shows you how to do it from the Price Group section of the Team.

  1. Open the Team and select Price Groups
  2. Click on + Add new price and select Roaming price
  3. Name the price and select an amount
  4. Add an Hourly tariff from the available Public library or create a custom one
  5. Check out the total kWh price and Save

Apply a Roaming Price Group

Roaming Price Groups can be selected in the process of enabling Roaming (see first step).

This step shows you how to apply the Price Group on multiple charge points at once.

  1. Open the Team and select Price Groups
  2. Select to edit the Price Group
  3. Select the charge points, on which to apply the Price Group
  4. Click on Apply

Create an additional roaming fee

This is only available for Operator accounts, who are service providers and have set up a Custom Subscription Plan. For a detailed description of the roaming fee, please see here.

If you have already set additional fees via Custom Subscriptions, we recommend to update them, in order to reflect your current pricing needs.

  1. Navigate to Subscriptions on the Operator menu
  2. Click to Edit the Subscription
  3. Scroll down to Custom and enter the additional fee
  4. Click on Save
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