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Commonly asked questions

Does my charge point recognize when I have two cars?

The charge point does not automatically recognize which car is connected to it. When you are ready to charge, you can select which car you want to charge. Here you can see an example of how you can select the car.

Can I integrate a car to 2 different Monta accounts?

You cannot integrate the same car to 2 different Monta users. We recommend to share the car by going to Me→ My cars → Select the car → Car sharing and follow the instructions on the screen.

The Monta app is showing a wrong SoC of my car

If your car is showing a different SoC (State of Charge) than the Monta app, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Refresh the screen in the Monta app to check if the SoC updates
  2. Check the “Reliability” score of the integration through Enode here. If the score is lower than 3, some there can be a some delay in the response time.
Error during the car integration to Monta

If you experience an error during the integration process, please reach out to Monta’s Support Team via the Monta app → Me → Support. We will investigate and assist you with the integration of your car.

How to integrate my car with Monta
  1. Add your car to your Monta account.
  2. Click on “Car integration” to see if you are able to integrate your car. You can see a list of supported car brands here.
  3. Login to your car’s Cloud account with your credentials and follow the steps on the screen. Here is a full guide on the integration process.
I cannot select my car in the Monta app

Before you can integrate your car, you need to add it to your Monta account. This does not depend on whether the car brand can be integrated with Monta.

If you are not able to add your car, because you cannot find the car brand in the selector, please reach out to our Support Team by starting a live chat in the Monta app -> Me -> Support or by creating a ticket at

Supported car brands

Integrating your car with Monta is possible due to our partnership with Enode. Here is a list of car brands and models that can be integrated with Monta.

Not all car models support all features and functions. You can check the table to see what is supported.

Each integration is rated with a reliability score from 1-3, depending on how stable is the API integration. This can affect the stability and response times of your car.

My charge point is not registering kWh in Monta

If you are able to charge on your charge point, but you cannot see the kWh registered in Monta, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your charge point connected to Monta .
  2. If you are checking in the Monta app, make sure that you are looking at the Insights of the correct private charge point.
  3. Open the charge point's native configuration tool (WebUI or app) and the settings related to Authentication. Make sure that the charge point requires authentication to start charge and disable any "Free vending" or "Free charging" mode.
I cannot integrate my charge point to Monta

If you are not able to compete the installation process in Monta, we recommend the following steps:

  • Repeat the Verification step of the installation process to attempt to connect to Monta.
  • Check out the installation guide of the charge point to make sure it is configured correctly.
  • Check out your local network settings. If the charge point is using a SIM card, please reach out to to confirm that the SIM card is supported by Monta.
  • Contact your installer or charge point manufacturer, who can help you with the network settings or charge point configuration.
My charge point is showing as "Disconnected"

If your charge point has disconnected from the internet, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Physically reboot the charge point and wait 5 minutes.
  2. Check out your local network settings.
  3. Check out the installation guide of the charge point to make sure it is configured correctly.
  4. Contact your service provider / installer / electrician for assistance.

Here is a detailed troubleshooting guide.

How to integrate my charge point with Monta?

To integrate your charge point with Monta we recommend the following steps:

Supported charge point brands

Monta supports 250+ models of charge points. Here is a list of the charge point brands and models that can be connected to Monta. Here, you can see the roadmap for hardware integrations.

What is the difference between Active and Inactive charge points?

Inactive charge points are for testing purposes. They do not count towards your monthly paid charge points, but they also have very limited functionality.

Active charge points have a all functionalities available on your Monta plan.

Here is a guide on how to make charge points Active. 

What is the difference between Public and Private charge points?


  • Private charge points are available to the charge point owner and the Members of the Team, where the charge point is located.
  • Public charge points can be found by Monta users on the Monta map


  • Private charge point pricing is set on a Team member level. A Team Member price will be applied, even when the charge point is Public.
  • Public charge points have a set price that applies to all EV drivers who use the charge point, except for Team members, which have access to the charge point.
How do EV drivers find my charge point?

When you make your charge point Public, Monta users can find it on the Monta map. Here is a guide on how that works.

If you want to have your charge point available on other platforms, such as Google Maps, you need to upgrade your Monta plan to Business and enable Roaming. You can read more about this here.

Can I control the charging from another app?

No, once you have connected the charge point to Monta, we become the operator of the charge point.

Why did my charge fail?

There are several possible reasons why your charge may have failed:

  1. The charge point disconnected:If your charger has lost internet connection, it will be in a "Disconnected" state, and charging won't be possible until the connection is restored. We suggest to read this guide to learn how to improve your charge point connectivity.
  2. Other apps controlling the charge: Monta should be the only application managing the charging sessions. Check the charge point's app, the charge point's cloud, and the car's app to make sure there are no schedules or setups from other apps that could interfere with charging.
  3. Your car paused the charge: You can review the logs of your charge point to identify events that happened during the charging process, including start and stop events and reasons for stops. If you notice "SuspendedEV" in the status notification of the charging session, it means your car has paused the charge. Check your car's EV charging settings to see if there are any active settings for controlling the charge. If any such settings are found, disable them. Monta cannot continue the charge if your car has paused it, as it cannot overrule your car's decision to suspend receiving kWh.


Difference between Scheduled charge and SmartCharge

Both SmartCharge and Scheduled charging allows you to perform a charge in a specific time window.

SmartCharge uses your SmartCharge preferences, as well as the required charge amount (kWh needed to charge your car), in order to calculate the most suitable time for your charge to begin and end.

Scheduled charge should be used when you want to charge your car in an exact time window. Monta will send a start command at the beginning of the time window. The charge will stop either when your car signals it is full or by Monta sending a stop signal at the end time.

My charge was interrupted

If your car stopped charging before reaching the kWh limit:

  1. Open the logs of the charge point in the Monta app or Monta Portal.
  2. If you see Suspended EVSE, it's the charge point - check the native software of the charge point to confirm that there are no settings that can interrupt a charge.
  3. If you see Suspended EV, it's the car - check the car’s settings to remove any charging schedules and charging limits.
How to start a Sponsored charge from my employer

First, make sure that your charge point is set up as a Sponsored charge point. There are a few types of charges with can be performed on a Sponsored charge point.

Charge now, SmartCharge or Scheduled charge

  1. Open your charge point in the Monta app
  2. Select the type of charge, select the car (optional) and the amount to charge
  3. Click on “Go to Payment”
  4. Click on the “Payment” and select “Sponsored charge by”
  5. Swipe to start

Sponsored charge with an RFID card

  1. Set up a Sponsored RFID card
  2. Swipe the RFID on the charge point and the charge will be Sponsored.
How to charge with Monta at home

There are many ways you can start a charge on your home charge point. First, make sure that you have added and connected your charge point to Monta. Then, you can select from:

  1. Charge now - Start a charging session on the spot.
  2. Auto Start - Your charge point will start charging immediately after plugging in the car cable.
  3. SmartCharge - Set up a charge to start according to your preferences regarding electricity cost, renewable energy and CO2 emissions.
  4. Scheduled charge - Set a time window, in which your car should charge.
  5. Charge key - Start the charge on your home charge point, using an RFID key.
Why can I not stop charging?

Your Monta app might show "Charging" even after disconnecting your car from a public charge point. This is because we're waiting for the charge point provider's receipt (e.g., Clever, EON), which could take a few days, keeping the active status.

You will pay only for the actual kWh you have charged. Your session ends when you unplug. When we receive the receipt, your status will change to "Complete" automatically.

Why is the charge point showing as "Available", when it is actually "Busy"?

Sometimes there is delay in updating the status of charge point, depending on who operates it. Refresh the screen to get an updated status.

How can I pay for Public charging?
Payment methods for paid charging include:
  • Apple or Google Pay
  • Mobile Pay / Vipps
  • Your personal Monta Wallet
  • A Monta Wallet you have access to use for payments
  • Added bank card
Here is a guide that describes how you can add the payment method during charging.
Why did I pay with Monta Wallet when I used a charge key with subscription / discount?

When you add any charge key to your Monta Wallet, it becomes linked to your virtual Monta Wallet, even if it is a charge key with a subscription / discount (i.e. Clever, EON, Ionity, etc.).

For example, you can add a Clever charge key to your Monta Wallet. If you select a Clever charge point that is also available in Monta, when you scan the charge key to start charging, the request for payment goes to both Monta and Clever. If Monta's system responds first, the payment will be processed through your Monta Wallet.

The charge point is charging too slow

Monta doesn't change how fast a charge point charges. There are various reasons for slower charging, which we'll explain below. It's a good idea to check these things:

  1. EV capabilities: Your vehicle might limit the charging speed. To see the maximum speed allowed, check your car's app or computer settings.
  2. Charge Point capabilities: The charge point's installation could limit speed. Ask an installer to confirm it's set up correctly and check its software settings.
  3. Load Balancing: Sometimes charging speed is restricted by load balancing.
  4. Cable: Ensure your cable is working and not damaged. Also, make sure it supports the desired charging speed.
Why does Monta reserve money for a charge?

Monta reserves money for charging as a security measure for the charge point owner. There are many things that affect a charge, so the Monta system cannot predict precisely how much a charge is going to cost. For example, the car can stop the charge earlier than expected, making the charge cheaper.

That's why, the system needs to reserve money. Once the charge done, the charge point communicates the charged kWh information to the Monta system and the extra funds are released.

Why did the price of the change point change?

Monta is not responsible for the pricing of charge points, available on the platform. The prices are decided and managed by the charge point owner.

My cable is stuck in the charge point

Monta does not own any of the charge points available on the Monta map. The system is never going to lock a cable in a charge point, unless that is specified by the owner of the charge point. To unlock a suck cable:

  1. Place the cable back in the car
  2. Lock your car
  3. Unlock your car twice, without locking in between

This should release the cable from the side of the charge point.

If you are still unable to unplug the cable from the charge point, please contact the charge point owner. If it is a roaming charge point there should be a service number on the charge point that you can call.

I can’t start charging on a public charge point
  1. Make sure you have connected your car to the correct charge point. Look for light indication that the charge point is active
  2. Make sure your cable is securely plugged in
  3. Wait for the charge to start. This can take more than 30 seconds.
  4. If you are using an RFID card (charge key)
  • Make sure that the charge point can start a charge with an RFID card
  • Make sure that you have enough funds in the Monta Wallet
How to charge on a public charge point

There are multiple ways in which you can start a charge on a Public charge point:

  1. Opening a public charge point on the Monta app via Monta map
  2. Scanning a QR sticker on the charge point
  3. Using an RFID card, attached to your Monta Wallet
  4. Using a payment terminal if it is available on the charging site.

Here is a detailed, illustrated guide on how you can start charging on a Public charge point.



How to update my company details in the invoice?

If you need to make a change of your company details, you can do this in the settings section of your company account. There, you can update:

  • Company name, address, contact email
  • Finance email - this is where the invoices are sent every month
  • VAT number, EAN number, PO number

For a Team -> Go to the Team settings and edit the "Team information" tab

For an Operator account -> Go to your Operator account overview and edit the "Settings" tab

Why is there no VAT breakdown in the Balance Statement?

Only invoice entries have a VAT breakdown, as these are services and products that you have purchased from Monta directly.

The Balance Statement summarizes instead transactions occurred between you and 3rd parties, not involving Monta. As you have purchased the good/service by another party, under a different VAT no. than Monta's, Monta cannot provide VAT specifications on the statement.

If you want to see a VAT breakdown of all Wallet transactions, please export the monthly transactions from the Monta Wallet.

Why is the invoice showing as “Pending”?

If you have paid the invoice by bank transfer, it takes several days until the money arrives and a few more business days for the payment to be processed. Until your payment is handled and approved, the invoice will show as "Pending".

How can I pay an invoice?

Bank transfer - You can make a bank transfer to the Monta bank account stated in the invoice. Remember to use the reference number from the invoice, when making a bank transfer.

Payment link - You can also pay invoices using the direct payment link. You can find the payment link in the invoice PDF or in Monta Portal when opening the invoice. If you pay by link, the invoice is automatically approved.

How to enable Team invoicing?

Team invoicing can be requested via Monta Portal in the Wallet section of a Team:

  1. Open the Team in Monta Portal
  2. Click on "Team Wallet"
  3. Select "Enable Team invoicing"
  4. Fill in the company information
  5. Await a follow-up email by Monta's Finance Team.

Here is a detailed guide on the whole process.

Why can I not see any subscriptions on the Marketplace?

Tax refund providers decide the supported charge point brands and the conditions for approving a subscription.

Make sure that your charge point is connected in the Monta app.

If you are not able to see any available tax refund subscriptions, this means that no tax refund provider supports the charge point brand or model that you have.

Where do I see my tax refunds?

You can see the tax refunds you have received in your personal Monta Wallet or in the tax refund subscription page in the Monta app.

Is Monta a tax refund provider?

Monta is not a tax refund provider. Monta is the platform, which enables service providers to offer tax refunds and other services.

When you apply for a tax refund you are entering a contract with the service provider directly. If you have questions about your tax refund agreement, you need to reach out to your tax refund provider directly.

How do I cancel my tax refund subscription?
  1. Open the subscription in the Monta app
  2. Check if you are able to cancel via the Monta app
  • If you see a “Cancel” button on the subscription page, you can cancel via Monta app
  • If you see that your need to contact the service provider to cancel, send them an email
  • For a detailed, illustrated guide, click here.
Why is my tax refund subscription “Pending”?

When you apply for a tax refund subscription, it does to “Pending” and it needs to be approved by the tax refund provider.

Please note that Monta is not able to approve your subscription on behalf of your tax refund service provider. If your subscription has not been approved in a few business days, please contact the service provider directly, as they are the only ones who can approve it.

How do I apply for tax refund subscription?

You can apply for a tax refund subscription on a charge point that you own.

  1. Click on settings
  2. Scroll down to and select “Charge point subscriptions”
  3. Pick a subscription and open it
  4. Follow the sign up steps on the screen.

For a more detailed, illustrated guide, click here.

What is a passcode?

A passcode is a 4-digit code that you need to use every time you use your Monta Wallet. This is a measure to secure your Wallet payments in Monta. You can learn how to set it up here.

A passcode is used every time you:


How to set up my personal Wallet?

Every Monta user has a personal Monta Wallet, which is a virtual payment system that is used to pay for charges and services within Monta. With Monta Wallet you can:

  1. Set up a payment method, such as a bank card.
  2. Refill or Withdraw funds from the Wallet at any point
  3. Add charge keys to easily start charging
  4. View and download transaction receipts for your purchases

Here is a detailed guide on you can set up your Wallet.

Which RFID (charge keys) can I add in Monta?

While we always recommend getting a Monta charge key, you can also connect other brands of RFID cards to your Monta Wallet. Here is what you need to know about other charge key brands:

  • The charge key must have either 8, 14, or 20 characters.
  • Charge key with subscription: Some companies offer subscriptions for charging on their charge points (e.g., Clever, E.ON). If your charge key is connected to such a subscription, you can also add it to Monta and use it for charging.
  • Please note that charge points have specific RFID readers. Even if you are able to connect the RFID to Monta, that does not mean that every single charge point can read it. If in doubt, please refer to the manufacturer of the charge point.
How much does Monta cost?

Monta offers various services, priced differently.

The Monta app is free to download and use. For example, the app can be used for managing the charging on your personal charge point at home or to charge on the road on Public charge points. When Roaming with Monta, as an EV driver, you only pay for the price of the charge.

If you want to share your charge point with other EV drivers, there is a Monta transaction fee. Monta has several plans, which include specific features and services. In order to find out which plan best suits your needs, we recommend to check out the Monta pricing page.

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