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Order charge keys (RFID), QR stickers, SIM cards, Payter terminal and more.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

The Monta Shop is your one stop shop to place orders for extra merchandise to allow you to run your business as seamlessly possibly with the aids of our QR code stickers, charge keys, prepaid sim cards and the fancy premium RFID tags.

Create an order

When you are creating an order you can select from the available items, state your shipping address and select a payment method. Please note that payment method is related to your Team user permissions. You need to have the permission to use the Team Wallet for purchasing from the Monta Store.

  1. Navigate to Monta Shop from the left side menu
  2. Click on Create order and select an item (see list bellow)
  3. Fill in your payment method and shipping address
  4. Click on Create order

Once you have created the order you will receive an email or SMS with a tracking number.

Items you can order

Here is a list of items you can purchase from the Shop.

QR stickerThis is about the size of a standard credit card (8×5 cm), it is placed near the socket (per socket e.g if you have dual socket you need two stickers). This type of sticker includes instructions on how to start a charge and you can select the language from the drop down menu.

You can set up a sticker individually or as part of the Deeplink Management System.
Charge key (RFID)A Monta charge key is about the size of a standard credit card and it allows an app free charging experience via pairing the charge key to a Team Wallet. 

If the charge key is used for a paid charge, the funds will be deducted from the Team Wallet, where the charge key was paid. Here is how you can set up a charge key in Monta Charge and Monta Hub.
Premium RFID tagAn RFID allows users to to initiate a charge by simply tapping the card against a card reader at the charge point. The charge key is made of PU leather, attached to a key ring. It’s a great way to charge with only the need to carry your keys around.

To see how to set up see Charge key.
Small QR sticker The small QR sticker works exactly the same as the larger QR sticker it is just 4 x 4cm without the instructions. It is set up the same way as a regular QR sticker.
Payter P66 with modem (P66.7.23)Payter is a type of payment terminal, which you can connect yo your charge points to provide EV drivers with a wireless payment option. When you receive it, it needs to be activated, integrated and connected to a Team Wallet.
SIM-cardYou can order SIM cards from Monta’s provider – WirelessLogicNordic (WLN). When you arrive in their website, you will be able to purchase a SIM card with a subscription, either in EUR or DKK.

When you purchase a SIM card, you enter an agreement with WLN and they will activate and troubleshoot your connection.
Monta Shop items description

Frequently asked questions

Which delivery company do you use?

Monta uses the services of Slovak Post and DHL.

My order has not arrived yet.

Please use the tracking information to track your order. If it’s been more than 14 days since you ordered and there is no update in the tracking, please contact Monta Support for assistance.

When should my order arrive?

The delivery should only take 5-7 days for EU countries and 8-10 for UK orders, but it can take up to 2 weeks until an order arrives.

Why can I not place an order?

Make sure you have enough funds in your Wallet. Here is how you can refill your personal Wallet.

If you are using a Team Wallet to pay, make sure that you have the right to pay with Team Wallet for items in the Shop.

Need to talk to a specialist?

Contact our support team

Private users
Start a chat in the Monta app on your mobile device of choice.
Open Monta app
Open hours: 24/7, 365
First reply time: <5 minutes
Business customers
Sign in the Monta Portal and create a support ticket.
Open hours: 07:00 – 23:00 CET
First reply time: <3 business days
Certified installers
Book a guided call with an installation specialist.
Book a call
Open hours: Mon – Fri
09:00 – 17:00 CET