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Discover and learn how to place an order in our Shop in the Monta Portal.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 16 January, 2024
In this guide

The Monta Shop is your one stop shop to place orders for extra merchandise to allow you to run your business as seamlessly possibly with the aids of our QR code stickers, charge keys, prepaid sim cards and the fancy premium RFID tags.

1. Go to Monta Shop

To open the Monta Shop you scroll down on the left hand side of the menu and you will see “Shop” click here.

Go to Monta Shop

2. Create a order

Here you will see if you have any orders already placed listed and the option to “Create order” – select this.

Create order

3. Select the item

This opens the Monta Shop and from here you can pick which product you would like to order. There you can find different types of products like QR-Stickers, Charge keys and SIM cards.

Choose item Monta shop

The next part of the article will go through each item available to order on the Monta Shop.

Regular QR Sticker

This is about the size of a standard credit card, it is placed near the socket (per socket e.g if you have dual socket you need two stickers). The QR sticker must to be paired to the charge point which is done via the Monta app.

Once you have click on the QR sticker the first thing to add is how many QR stickers you want to order and in what language. You can then pick who should pay for the order for example should it be yourself the operator or perhaps your client/ a team should pay and fill out the shipping information.

Order QR Sticker

Small QR Sticker

The small QR sticker works exactly the same as the larger QR sticker it is just 4 x 4cm without the instructions and paired in exactly the same way.

To order these complete the order box with all the relevant information as how many stickers you would like to order, who should pay Operator or Team and fill in the shipping information.

Order Small QR Sticker

Monta Charge Key

A Monta charge key is about the size of a standard credit card, the charge keys allow an app free charging experience via pairing the charge key to a wallet. This allows the owner/user of the charge key to go around and charge with only the charge key. The payment (not if its for a free charge or paired to a team wallet) for the usage automatically deducts out of the paired wallet.

Fill in all order information for ordering your charge key as quantity, who should pay Operator or Team and fill in the shipping information.

Order charge key

Premium RFID Tags

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Cards) allows users to to initiate a charge by simply tapping the card against a card reader at the charge point. At Monta we have created these PU-leather (which is vegan friendly) charge key on a key rings. What a great way to charge with only the need to carry your keys around (which you would do anyway).

To order just complete the order information as requested.

Order Premium RFID tag

Prepaid SIM-card

Many charge points will incorporate a sim cards preloaded data to allow the charger to have internet connection. You can also order yourself a prepaid sim card from Monta via the Monta shop.

Once on the ordering page you have the option to pick the mb size of either 150mb or 1000mb and then if you want the sim card prepaid for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Order SIM card

4. Placed order

Once all the information is added click “Create order”.

A pop up will alert you that the order has been created and your order should be listed under the your orders section!

Please Note: The order will sit as Pending status which will change until it shows as sent with a timestamp of the date/time issued out.

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