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Set up a Payter payment terminal

Learn how to order and set up a Payter payment terminal with Monta.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 April, 2024
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With a Payter payment terminal, Charge Point Operators and Site Owners have the ability to offer contactless payment to EV drivers, directly through the charge point. 

The payment terminal needs to be installed, pointed to Monta via API,  and connected to a Team. After this, you can connect multiple charge points to the same Payter device and receive the charge payments in the Team’s Wallet. 

This is a guide that explains how to set up a Payter terminal via Payter cloud integration with Monta as Merchant. If you have an existing hardware integration, it should be removed. If you want to have hardware integration, this is not the correct set up for you. Then, you need to create your own Payter account, where you are the Merchant.

If you are just getting started, we recommend to follow this order of actions:

  1. Create a Team in Monta and add the charge points
  2. Order a Payter payment terminal
  3. Register the Payter payment terminal
  4. Physically install the Payter terminal 
  5. Check your setup in MyPayter
  6. Connect the Payter terminal to the Team and charge points in Monta


  • A Team in Monta with a Business or Enterprise Monta Plan
  • A Payter Payment Terminal (Apollo or P6X)
  • Internet connection for the terminal (LAN or SIM card)

1. Order a payment terminal

You can order a Payter P66 Terminal from the Monta Shop

Expected delivery time is about 5 to 7 business days. 

2. Register a Payter Terminal

1. Create a registration in Payter

On this page select the correct Payter Terminal you have – Apollo or P6X. Select to create an account and fill out your company information. Within 5-7 days you should receive a confirmation from Payter that your account has been created. 

2. Fill out onboarding documents

On this page select the correct Payter Terminal you have – Apollo or P6X. Login with the Payter account that you have created and fill out the Onboarding sheet. Here is a table that explains how to fill out the fields. 

Field (s)Input / SelectNotes
Company, Email, Name contact personYour company information. Use the email that you used when you created the Payter account. 
Are you boarding on existing MID in MyPayterSelect “Yes”
Acquiring bank Elavon
MID numberSelect the correct MID from Table 2. The currency needs to match the currency you have set up in Monta.
Merchant Category codeSelect “5552- EV Charging for global use”
Country The country you are located in. This is not the same as the MID. This is the country your company resides in. 
CurrencySelect, based on the MID.
Terminal serial numberFill in the serial number
Terminal reference / NameYou decide how to call the terminal. This is how the terminal will be presented in MyPayter.
Operator modeSelect “Cloud”
Machine manufacturerInput the brand of the charge point that is going to use the terminal
DomainCustomer name for example “My operator”This is how you can find your page in MyPayter
CPS-CPSM System ProviderMonta
The terminals will be connected via a LAN cableSelect “Yes”, if internet access is via LAN cable.

Select “No”, if you are using a SIM card.
If your charge point is using a LAN cable connection, you can connect the Payter device to the charge point, so it runs on the same LAN cable. In this case you select “Yes”.

If you select “No”, you need to specify what type of SIM card it is. 
Billing sectionType in your company information and select how to be billed by Payter. 
Table 1 – Onboarding form on Payter page

Here is a list of the current supported currencies. Please note that the currency in the Team and the currency you set on Payter should match. 

CurrencyMerchant ID (MID)Trading company name
DKK2101867301MONTA APS
GBP2101898190MONTA GBP
NOK2101921795MONTA APS
EUR2101901567MONTA APS
SEK2101927701MONTA APS
Table 2 – MID by currency

You will be requested to pay the activation fee and will have to pay monthly fees to Payter. Monta will pay the transaction fees (just like on credit cards). Monta will still charge the normal transaction fee agreed. 

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 10 days to get your payment terminal activated by Payter once the form is submitted. 

3. Check your setup in MyPayter

You can see if you have correctly registered your Payter device in the MyPayter Portal. Navigate to your Domain page. 

1. Check your contract and your currency setup 

In the bottom of the page, make sure these two are set to Active:

  • Contact with Payter on the left side
  • Currency setup on the right side

3. Check that the SAM card is identified

If you are using a SAM card as part of the configuration, make sure that it is identified in MyPayter. This means that you will see the SAM card type and serial number on the page of the Payter device. 

2. Check for a firmware update of the Payter device

Click on the settings button and select Push Config to see if your Payter device needs a firmware update.

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4. Connect the Payter to the Team  

Now, you need to connect the Payter terminal to your Team and the charge points. This is done in the Team Wallet section of the Team

If you do not do this, you cannot start accepting payments.

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