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Team user roles and permissions

This article explains the different Team Member roles and what each member can do in Monta Hub.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 28 February, 2024
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Team user roles

In a Team there are 3 general roles, whose permissions can be adjusted from Monta Hub. Here is a short description of each role. 

RoleTeam OwnerTeam AdminMember
Who is this?
The user who owns the Team. They can have their Wallet and charge points permissions adjusted, but they can always manage new Team Members. A user who can be given managerial permissions in the Team, such as editing charge points, Members and Team Wallet management. This user has the least administrative control in the Team. They can be given access to specific charge points and rights to pay with the Team Wallet.
Recommended for: If you are setting up a site of charge points, by creating a Team, we recommend to put the owner of the site as an owner of the Team. A person who needs to manage the Team Wallet, setting up charge points, getting transaction and/ or other exports, or inviting new Team Members to the Team. A person who needs to use the Team charge points or use the Team Wallet for payments.  

Team member permissions

Below is a table of the different user roles and what permissions they can be assigned in a Team. 

✅ This action can always be performed by the Team role

❌ This action cannot be performed by the Team role

✅ / ❌ You can toggle to allow the Team member to perform this action

ActionDescription of actionTeam OwnerTeam AdministratorTeam Member
Can pay with Team Wallet in shopThe user can use the Team Wallet balance to purchase from the Monta Shop✅/ ❌✅/ ❌✅/ ❌
Can pay charging with WalletSpecify if the Team Member can use the Wallet balance to pay for charging.

If the toggle is off, the Team Member has to pay for charging with their personal Wallet.

You can limit in which countries they can pay for charging.
✅/ ❌✅/ ❌✅/ ❌
Can manage Team WalletThe user can withdraw or deposit funds to the Wallet✅/ ❌✅/ ❌
Can configure charge pointsThe user has access to the OCPP configuration of the charge points in this Team✅/ ❌✅/ ❌
Can see other Team members’ informationThe user can see the name, phone number and email of other Team members in the Team
Can invite, remove or edit Team membersThe user has control over ✅/ ❌✅/ ❌
Can export charges / transactions in the TeamThe user is able to export the Team charges or Wallet transactions 

Manage a Team member’s permissions

In Monta Hub you can adjust the permissions of the Team members.

  1. Open the Team and click on the Members tab
  2. Click to open the page of the Team member
  3. See the Team member information
  4. General details
    • Here you can switch the Team user role of the member
  5. Others
    • Toggle on to allow the member to pay for charging with the Team Wallet
    • Toggle on to allow to deposit and withdraw funds from the Team Wallet
    • Toggle on to allow access to the charge point configuration page
    • Remember to click on Save settings
  6. Remove Team member of required
  7. Charge point access settings
    • See which charge points the user can charge on
    • Click on the three action dots to give access to a charge point

Transfer Team ownership

You can transfer the ownership of the Team to a different Team Member. Please note that this action is only available to the current Team Owner or to an Operator user with a Manager or Admin role.

  1. Open the Team to the Members & Access tab
  2. Click the action button related to the Team Member
  3. Select Transfer ownership and click Confirm
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