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Manage Team Members

Learn how to Create Member Price Groups, Member Fees, Member Groups and allocate charge point access or remove Team Members.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 4 April, 2024
In this guide

Create a Member Price Group

Member Price Group sets price that Team Members pay when charging on the Team’s charge points. You can create multiple Member Price Groups and apply them to different Team Members.

  1. Open the Team to the Price Groups tab
  2. Click on Add new and select Member Price Group
  3. Fill in the price group details, such as name, price amount, price type and tariff
  4. Click on Save

Apply Member Price Group

You can set a Member Price Group as default, so that this price is always suggested for new Team Members. You can also assign different price groups to Team Members.

  1. Open the Team to the Price Groups tab
  2. Click on Member Price groups
  3. From the action button, you can make the Price Group default or apply it to Team Members
  4. Select the Team Members who need to get this Price Groups and click on Save

Apply a Member Fee

Member fees allow the Team to collect a monthly fee from the Team Member’s personal Wallets. This can used to cover the cost of a service subscription on the Team, etc.

  1. Open the Team to the Members & Access tab
  2. Select one or more Members
  3. Click on Apply Member fee
  4. Choose if you want to create a new Member fee or apply an existing one
  5. Select the fee and Save

Create a Member Group

Member Groups are a great way for Team Admins to apply a set settings to multiple Team members at once! The feature allows you to create a template of permissions, such as using the Team Wallet to pay for charging, etc.

  1. Open the Team and navigate to the Members & Access tab
  2. Click on the + and select New member group
  3. Write a name and description of the Group
  4. Fill out the permission settings (see table bellow)
  5. Check the Member Group permissions you have created and click Save changes
  6. Click on Add Members to apply the Member Group to Team Members
FieldWhat does this field do?Comment
NameGive a distinctive name
DescriptionA description for you to recognize the Member Group
User roleSelect if you want the Member to have admin rights
Member price groupSelect what price the Member will pay when charging on the Team charge points. This is not the same as Sponsored Price group.
Member feeSpecify if you want the Member to pay a monthly fee to be a part of this Team.
Can pay for charging with Team WalletSpecify if the Team Member can use the Wallet balance to pay for charging.If the toggle is off, the Team Member has to pay for charging with their personal Wallet.

You can limit in which countries they can pay for charging.
Can pay with Team Wallet in shopEnable the Member to pay for charge keys, stickers and other
Can manage Team WalletEnable the Member to deposit or withdraw funds from the Team Wallet to your bank account. We recommend to only enable this for Admins, who need to manage the finances of the Team.
Can configure charge pointsEnable the Member to update the OCPP configurations of the Team charge points.
Can request sponsoringEnable to Member to request to get Sponsored by your Team Wallet. See Sponsored charge points explained here.
Member group fields explained

Allocate charge point access to Team Members

You can restrict the charge point access of Team Members, by allowing them to charge only on specific charge points.

You can assign access to current Team Members, as well as newly invited Team Members, who have not yet accepted the Team invitation and are still at an Invited state.

  1. Open the Team to the Members tab
  2. Select the Team Member
  3. You can use the Search function to find a specific charge point
  4. From the action button select to Give access

Remove a Team Member

Please note that only Team Owners and Admins with the right to manage Team Members can remove a user from the Team.

Once you remove the Member, they will no longer have access to the Team’s charge points or Wallet. If the Team Member is Sponsored, this will stop the Sponsorship and the Member will not be able to request again.

  1. Open the Team to the Members & Access tab
  2. Click on the Members tab and select the action button of the Member you want to remove
  3. Select the Remove Team member option
  4. Confirm with Yes, remove
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