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Set up Sponsored charging at home

Learn everything you need to know about Sponsoring employees for charging the company car at their personal charge point.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 6 June, 2024
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Sponsored charging is a solution that enables employers to compensate their employees for charging their company car. This guide explains how to set up the employee’s personal charge point at home to be sponsored, when they are charging the company car. 

After a charge is completed, the employee can immediately receive a reimbursement for the charge, which covers the electricity cost for charging. It is also possible to set up a monthly reimbursement, depending on your needs.

Requirements for the employer

  • A Team with a Business or Enterprise Monta plan
  • A Member Group set up
  • Fleet manager to administrate
  • Payment method for the Sponsoring Team

Requirements for the employee

  • A Monta account
  • A charge point connected their Monta account


Payment method for the Sponsoring Team

After the Team is created, starting with the Sponsoring setup, the first thing to be defined is how the Team is going to cover the payment for these charges. There are currently 2 payment methods available for a Sponsoring Team. 

If the company that wants to sponsor is VAT registered, they can request to be invoiced by Monta. This requires a Know Your Business (KYB) check performed by Monta’s finance Team before they can be approved for invoicing. 

Alternatively, the Operator of the Sponsoring Team can enable Operator transaction, as a payment method. This means that the Operator will take on the responsibility of all transactions of the Team. This solution is only suitable for specific setups and agreements. You can read more about it here

⓶ Determine which employees are going to get Sponsored.

Monta offers different solutions depending on how many employees need to be sponsored. 

For companies that want to sponsor many employees (ex. 5+), we recommend using a Member Group. Creating a Member Group for Sponsored employees will  identify and give permission to all employees who need to request Sponsoring, at once. 

When only a few employees need to be sponsored, it is possible to enable them to request sponsoring one by one, in the next step.

The employees are invited

The administrator invites the employees to the Team that is Sponsoring. The employees can be invited with their email or phone number, whether or not they already have a Monta account. 

When inviting big groups of employees, we suggest applying a Member Group during the invitation. For a couple of employees, it is possible to enable them to request sponsoring while you are inviting them one by one. 

  • If the employees don’t have a Monta account yet, they will be invited to create one on the spot.
  • If they are already Monta users, they will receive a notification in Monta Charge. 
  • If they are already part of the Sponsoring Team, the admin can apply the Member Group to them from the Member Settings. 

The employees request to get Sponsored

The employee can request to get Sponsored per charge point. Therefore, they need to add and connect their charge point to their Monta account. 

Once the charge point is in the Monta account, they will see a “Sponsoring available” label on their charge point. From the settings, the employee can request the employer to start sponsoring them.

During the request process the employee can set their electricity cost, based on their electricity bill. This way the employer can reimburse them the exact cost for charging the company car at their personal charge point. It is not mandatory to use the electricity cost of the employee. The employer can instrad create a Sponsored Price Group and choose that as the reimbursement rate.

Employer accepts the request 

The final step of the setup process is performed by the administrator of the Sponsoring Team. In the Sponsored section of the Team, they can see and approve the employees’ requests. 

During the approval, the administrator can decide the rate of reimbursement per kWh. The employer can select the electricity cost that the employee has shared, while requesting to get sponsored. The Sponsoring can be set to be paid out after every single charge, or on a monthly basis, depending on their needs. 

How does it work?

Now that the setup is complete, here is how Sponsored charging works in practice. 

Employee performs a charge

The employee plugs in the company car in the charge point, which is being Sponsored by their employer. They open the Monta app and set up a charging session. 

Sponsored charging is compatible with Charge now, Scheduled charge and SmartCharge. After this, the employee goes to the payment screen and confirms that the charge will be Sponsored by their employer’s Monta Team. Then, all they need to do is slide to start charging. 

Employees can also set up Charging rules, which are sponsored.

Reimbursement for charge is transferred

When the charge is completed, the reimbursement is transferred from the Employer’s Team Wallet to the Employee’s Personal Wallet. Both parties can see the financial transaction and a receipt in their Wallets.

If the reimbursement is set to happen on a monthly basis, the Employer can see in the Sponsoring Team how many charges have been accumulated during the month. Then, the Employer can select to pay them out at once (“End of month”) or pay out each individual charge (“Real time”). 


Set-up administration

We recommend centralizing the management of the Sponsoring process, by appointing a Fleet manager, for example. They should understand the invitation flow and follow up with the employees who are going through the set-up process. 

Helping employees connect their charge points to Monta

Employees may need assistance with getting on-board with Monta and connecting their charge points successfully. The Fleet manager should have an understanding of how to assist with creating a Monta account, connecting a charge point, and requesting Sponsoring flow. 

Exporting Sponsored charge sessions from Monta  

Sponsored charge sessions can be exported from Monta Hub. The Sponsored page has a search bar, where employees can be filtered by name. The charges can also be filtered by a time frame. 

The filtered result can be exported as a csv file to the Fleet Manager’s email. The csv contains detailed information about each Sponsored charge session, such as kWhs charged, the used Price Group, the payment method for the charge, charge point id, etc. 

More resources

For assistance with configuring and connecting charge points to Monta, we have a Site Enablement Team, who can assist and installer on site. 

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