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Join and build the best platform for EV charging

Do your best work yet and join our mission to revolutionize EV charging. Our goal is to simplify the process, while supporting a cleaner and more sustainable environment for everyone.

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Tech-driven at heart

We are a SaaS company, and we want customers to trust us because of the amazing product we can offer them - because it fixes their problems and it’s simple and effective.

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of industry standards, be innovative and serve our customers in the best way possible. So, we strive to pick the technical solution every time it’s possible. That way we prioritize the digitalization of the charging process.
monta tech stack
At Monta, a stable and modern server-stack is important to keep our platform secure and stable. Our system is built around AWS and utilizes Kubernetes. CI/CD enables us to deploy infrastructure and application changes fast and easily, using a combination of GitHub Actions and ArgoCD.

Our services are often written in Kotlin or GO, but we also have PHP & JS in the stack. We use MySQL, Elastic search, S3, Redis & Snow flake for data storage.

Meet the amazing people behind our products

Casper Rasmussen

“When we founded Monta, we wanted to create a brand and product that were fully backed up by top-of-it’s-class tech.

As long as we prioritised our tech team and stack, we would always land in a future-proof product that could cater to our clients’ needs in a simple and fast way. That is why we are always experimenting and trying out new things. We are a deep tech company, and very proud of that!"

Casper Rasmussen, CO-founder & CEO at Monta

“The company is owned by the developers themselves, this is a tech company, by tech people and for tech people.

We work with very smart individuals, who are very cool too, and that's exactly how the founders have been building it for. "

Sally Eldin-Dalziel, QA Engineer

Sally Eldin-Dalziel
Morten Andersen

“Monta is a place with extremely clever and bright colleagues, where you can get your hands dirty...

...learn and grow but take on big responsibilities too - your work mattersWe get to enjoy the newest tech stack and that startup vibe too. Our leadership also has a strong technical background - but also with a strong commercial focus too."

Morten Andersen, Backend Lead Hardware

“I enjoy being surrounded by passionate and talented people...

...who are all eager to push todays boundaries to drive Monta’s mission. Monta’s culture is unique in how it provides freedom to engineers to explore and develop while working in a fast paced environment."

Markus Rubey, Head of Flutter

Markus Rubey

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