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Become a channel partner with Monta. Turn your EV offering into a new and self-sustaining business for you and your customers.

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The smart way to stay in charge

Deliver more value to your installers/customers and the end-users, by adding Monta as a product.

  • Offer a charge point management system (CPMS) together with your hardware.

  • Add a hardware agnostic solution that integrates with all major charge point brands.

  • 24/7 support for the user.

A complete EV package for your customers

Every smart charger needs a software - offer Monta as a product bundle with your hardware or by itself.

  • Enable your installers to offer a full EV package including a CPMS to their customers for new or existing sites.
  • Offer our software as a 12 month plan fitted to the customer's needs.
  • Provide the option to select the amount of licences needed.

"Monta’s advanced software sets the gold standard, delivering real-time insights, transaction data, and charge point ratings through their Monta Portal. Together, we are leading the charge in revolutionizing how people charge their vehicles, setting a new industry benchmark for excellence."

Robert Lindell, Chief Revenue Officer – Charge Amps
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Expand your offering and generate recurring revenue

We help unlock new revenue streams on top of existing hardware sales.

  • Show your industry leadership by promoting state of the art software.
  • Refer leads to Monta and enter our revenue share model.
  • As soon as the lead lands with us, we will take care of the onboarding and all the rest.

A partnership like no other

We go the extra mile to support you with the resources you need to successfully sell Monta.

  • Receive an elaborate onboarding for your entire sales team.
  • Utilise our marketing and sales packages to increase your customers' awareness.
  • A genuine partnership! Create new revenue streams with Monta.
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Elevate your EV charging experience