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We’re closely listening to your requests to make the Monta Portal the most easy-to-use tool. In July, our main focus was on making the management and operation of larger sites and installations smooth and painless for installers, site owners and operators. Below, you’ll find all the latest updates. 

New features – a breakdown

Access and organize the most important settings for your charging site in one place

monta charging site interface

We’ve improved the charging site overview to help you set the correct settings and get the right jobs done. Key features like SmartQueue, Reserve a Charge Point and Load Balancing are now easier to find and can be set up and applied for the entire site with just one click. 

We see SmartQueue and Reserve a Charge Point being very popular features among EV drivers. Considering that EV drivers have to navigate through a tight public charge point network, having these features enabled ensures not only a smoother charging experience for them, but also maximizes the utilization of your charge points.

Talking about maximizing charge point utilization – did you know we can do three different types of Load Balancing: Static, Dynamic and True Dynamic Load Balancing? You can easily set this up for your charging site directly from the Portal. If you would like to understand the difference between the three types of Load Balancing, want to know exactly how to set it up and what brands are supported, we recommend reading these guides:

We hope this helps you to set up your charging sites quickly and to get the most out of it!

Easier collaboration between charge point operators and installers 

installer job in the monta portal

A new restructure of the Installer Job functionality allows Operators to easily transfer and monitor site installations. Installers, on the other hand, can enjoy a straightforward interface with all the information needed to get the job done and connect the charge points to Monta’s platform without any hassle.

The Installer job has improved for both parties, making it better tailored to the specific jobs the installer needs to do to finish the installation. The main changes are:

  • Operators can create installer jobs faster; directly from the site or as part of a charge point bulk import.
  • Collaboration and communication between Operators and Installers is easier since both parties now have the option to create notes for the individual charge points and the installer job in general. This could for example be a note for the specific customer ID, or a note for the SIM-card ID that needs to be installed in each charge point.
  • A banner at the site view shows the progress of the installer’s work and highlights the progression of the installation. 

We hope you find this overview helpful and that it enables you to move faster!

Connect your charge point sites in Monta with one click (Beta Version)

monta instant site import feature

You can now directly import a full charging site to our Portal with a single click. The new Instant Import feature will save you a lot of time when setting up existing site installations in Monta. The Instant Import feature cuts the workload of adding and integrating a site, or multiple charge points, from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. 

For now, the import functionality is only possible with Zaptec charge points, but this is just the beginning! Easee is next on the list and many other brands will follow. To import a Zaptec site to Monta, you only need to choose ‘Zaptec API’ during the import and that’s it. Now, all information about the Site and the charge points will be imported to Monta, and the charge points will be connected to our platform and ready for use. So far, this is the easiest and fastest way to set up a site and charge points in Monta. 

Are you setting up a new Zaptec site soon? Be the first to test this feature – simply write us at

Tell us what you need

We’re building Monta to serve you and your needs. Hence, if you have any functionalities in mind that you would like to see in the Portal or if you have any ideas for improvement – please let us know! Add your request and ideas. We love hearing from you.