The 30+ Best Charge Points for Danish EV Drivers

by Meg Parker | November 22, 2021

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The 30+ Best Charge Points for Danish EV Drivers

Buying an electric vehicle (EV) is a major way you can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. But before you can adorn your 4-wheeled companion with accessories, there is a much more urgent and practical task you need to complete – making sure your EV can be charged properly.

For most EV owners, a charge point (or often called a wallbox or charging station) at home is a must-have if you drive frequently and do not want to rely on the public stations or don’t have one at work. That brings us to the question: what kind of charge point should you buy?

That would highly depend on your EV and your personal needs and circumstances.

What to consider when choosing an EV charge point for your home:

  • The type of connector your car requires, for example, all EU certified cars require a type 2 connector
  • The type of EV and the battery it has
  • Tethered or untethered, which means your charge point comes with or without a cable
  • Charge speed, which starts from 3 and 3.7kW and goes pricier the more power your EV requires, up to 22kW
  • What electricity supply your home has, single-phase or three-phase (more powerful)
  • Installation costs, earth rod installation
  • With or without a mobile app and remote control

Those are the main things to consider when deciding which charge point to choose. Now let’s explore what charge points there are on the market and what features and prices they have.

Best electric car charge points for Danish drivers

Below is a list of some of the best charge points, let’s find the most suitable for you:

Easee Charger

Price from 6700 dkk / € 900
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Type 2 universal connector
  • Compatible with both phase 1 and 3
  • Built-in SIM and mobile connection
  • Just 1.5kg, 69% smaller than its counterparts

The Norwegian manufacturer Easee comes with a stylish, highly versatile charging point. It is compatible with all electrical grids and provides electrical capacity from the lowest of 3.7 kW to the highest 22 kW.
The Easee app provides user-friendly features such as charging remotely, scheduling charge times, choosing the speed of charging, monitoring charge analytics and many more.

With a built-in Wifi and 4g connectivity, Easee charge point are able to connect to your smartphone easily, however, many users share that sometimes the app does not respond and they can’t charge their EV. Another issue often mentioned is the RFID sensor not responding.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar Plus electric vehicle charge point

Price starts from 4650 dkk / € 625
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Tethered charge point, yet very compact design
  • No need for an earth-rod, which is built-in
  • 7.4kW charging output, equal to 30 miles per hour added to your EV
  • LED lights showing current charge status

Wallbox is one of the biggest manufacturers of EV charge points, and there is a reason why. The Pulsar Plus, for example, combines quality materials, a user-friendly mobile app as well a compact design.

Connect your charge point to the Wifi and Bluetooth for a stable connection and enjoy the multiple features of the myWallbox app. Locking and unlocking remotely, changing the charging output as well as scheduling your charging can be done through the app.

The review score is quite low on Google Play Store, the main reason being constant Wifi connection as well as unreliable charging statistics, such as comparing night and day charging cost.

Charge Amps Halo

Price 8800 dkk / € 1185
Manufacturer’s website:


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Class 1 isolation, durable under harsh weather conditions
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Charging current: 16 A

By connecting to the Charge Amps cloud service, you can get the most usability of the Halo charge point. With it you can lock/unlock, schedule charge times and access personal charge statistics in kW. The cloud service is quite sophisticated, making it great for professional use, although for personal use it might be a bit overwhelming.

An interesting feature of Halo is the ability to add many different users to the same charge point. Apart from that, it has standard weight and size and IP67 weather durability.

Zappi – the best charge point for solar charging

Zappi electric charger tethered white

Price: 8.250 dkk / €1110

Manufacturer website:


  • Three charge modes: Eco, Eco+ and Fast for optimal solar panel charging
  • Built-in PEN protection – no need for extra earth rod installation
  • Tethered and untethered options available
  • PIN protection for extra security

Despite being a charge point strongly focused on usability with solar power, even if you don’t have solar panels, Zappi is still a great charge point.

Zappi charge point has 3 charging modes available: Eco+ which charges only from surplus energy; ECO which uses surplus energy when available then switches to grid; or FAST which charges on grid like any other normal charge point).

With a stylish yet compact look, Zappi is designed in a neat way so that the charging cable can easily be wrapped around it.

Andersen A2 EV charging point

Andersen A2 electric vehicle charge point wood panel
Image credit:

Estimated price: 8625dkk / 1160 €
Manufacturer website:


  • LED display to show charging status clearly
  • Modular design that allows users to change the outlook as well as make repairs easily
  • Highly customizable design, with a variety of colors and texture
  • Choose between single-phase or 3-phase charging
  • Supports solar charging
  • Manage scheduling, energy usage as well as remote locking

Tired of the monotonous design of charge points? The highly customizable Andersen A2 will bring a breath of fresh air to your EV charging experience. This artistic charge point comes in 96 different colours and completely hides the integrated cable and plug, allowing it to blend seamlessly to the surroundings. Its high performance in charging makes it not only great on the outside but the inside too!

Pod Point Charger

Prices starting from 4590 DKK (for untethered option)/ € 620
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Charging capacity from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW
  • 3 year warranty
  • Universal socket, compatible with all EV plug types
  • Untethered or tethered options (4.8m cable)
  • Built in PEN protection – no earth rod required
  • Untethered £545* (Inc. Vat).

The Pod Point charger is available with 3.7 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW cables. It has a 3-year warranty for home-installed devices.

The design is round, with the socket placed in the center (untethered version). Pod Point claims that with their charger you can charge your EV ten times faster compared to a 3-pin plug.
The Pod Point app can be used to control charging at home or work and has Auto Power Balancing to help you charge in unison with your home.

The most advanced feature of the mobile app is the ability to add new features to your charge point by simply having them installed on your app, a great way to ensure that your charge point will stay viable in the future.

What the app lacks still, is the ability to schedule charging, a must-have feature that most EV owners use in order to save on electricity by charging during night rates.

Alfen ICU mini charge point

Alfen charging station EV

Price of 9080 dll / € 1220
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Charging capacity from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW
  • Dynamic load balancing with the use of smart meter connectivity.
  • RFID card compatibility
  • Tethered or untethered options available
  • Can be mounted on a pole and used commercially

Alfen is a Dutch company which has been in the electricity industry for over 80 years. Since 2008, it has produced a variety of EV charging solutions for businesses and homeowners alike.

The Alfen mini is a charge point best used at home. It offers all charging capacities from the lowest of 3.7 kW to the maximum 22 kW and is suitable for all EV and hybrid vehicles. It can charge up to 10 times faster than if you plug your EV to a standard home electrical outlet.

The Alfen mini is in the higher price range, and there is a reason why. It has a customizable LED display, RFID compatibility. It has IK10 and IP54 robustness certificates, making it withstand harsh weather conditions as well as impact shock resistance. Its reinforced glass fiber body can also withstand scratches or any other type of vandalism. Moreover, it has an MID electricity meter, certified for EU use, making it easy to measure the electrical expense it produces.

Wondering what the world of EVs has to offer in 2021 and beyond. Read our extensive list of upcoming electric vehicles in 2021 and beyond.

CIRCONTROL eNext S charging station

Circontrol eNext EV charging point

Estimated price: 5920dkk / € 796 (*subjected to discount)
Manufacturer’s website:


  • An adjustable current between 10A and 32A
  • Control charging through a mobile application
  • Compact, stylish design
  • IP54 and IK10 weather and shock resistance certificates

This charge point takes EV charging to a whole new level by allowing the user to adjust the current between 10A and 32A as well as scheduling load at preferred times by the HiCharger app. What’s more, users can activate charging by using Bluetooth connection when they are nearby their EVs, which makes charging as easy and efficient as ever!

However, many users have lately reported that they are unable to connect to the app after its latest update.

EO Mini Pro 2

Eo mini ev charger

Price from 5025 dkk / € 675
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Universal charging socket
  • Untethered
  • No Wifi or Bluetooth connection
  • Two power settings: 3.6kW/7.2kW
  • 3-year warranty

EO Mini Pro 2 is produced by a family-owned British company, which focuses on high-quality charge points. This is their smallest and cheapest choice, whose purpose is to provide a reliable EV charging point at minimum cost.

The design is made in a way to easily blend in with the environment and looks similar to standard electrical switches, perfect for those of you who want a discrete EV charge point.

EVBox Elvi home charging solution

EVbox Elvi charging point

Estimated price: 7255 / € 977
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Autostart function: charging can restart as soon as possible in case of power failure
  • Suitable for all EV models
  • Can track usage and manage scheduled charging, local dynamic load balancing via a mobile app
  • Supports solar charging
  • Adjustable power output

This charge point is fully compatible with all models of EV as it supports both one and three-phase charging and it comes with both fixed cable and socket-only versions. Its versatility makes the charge point ideal for EV owners who may want to change the EV model in the future without worrying about the compatibility problem.

A disadvantage is the high price, which might be a turn-off for those who want a budget charge point at home. For a premium price, the app sometimes may not be able to connect to the charger on the first, or even second try.

Tesla’s Silver Wall Connector

Silver Wall Connector Tesla charge point for home

Price of 6100 dkk / € 820
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Most suitable charge point for Tesla models S, X and 3
  • Tethered, choose between 2.5 and 7.5-meter cables
  • Up to 77 km of charge per hour
  • Compatible with all electrical home grids
  • Accessibility to all Tesla app features

Needless to say, Tesla is the most famous electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. And it’s only logical to have their own charge point, the Silver Wall. If you own a Tesla car, then this is your most compatible option to charge at home. It provides the fastest charging speed we have seen so far. It is compatible with every different grid connection and comes with two variations of cable lengths. You can install it both indoors and outdoors.

There are a multitude of EV applications out there, some made by EV manufacturers, others by charge point producers. Choosing the right one for you can be quite a hassle, so we’ve devised an extensive list of EV charging apps that will help you learn what features there are and which one suits your needs best.

Ohme Fixed Wall Charger

Ohme Fixed Wall Charger

Estimated price: 4090dkk / € 550
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Adjustable power output
  • One of the cheapest tethered charge points on the market
  • Set charging schedule to capitalize on the cheapest energy rates
  • Manage charging time and track CO2 consumption through a mobile app

The Ohme charger allows users to charge their vehicles at the lowest price as notifications will be sent out when energy prices drop. This is ideal for EV owners who look for an economic solution to charge their vehicles the right time.

The app has a few drawbacks, such as its dark theme and font which makes it hard to read while using your phone on a sunny day. Another disadvantage is that you can’t add a tariff that the app doesn’t recognize, making it hard to set it to charge only during the night.

ABB Terra AC wallbox (7.4 kW, Type 2 cable, Wifi)

ABB Terra AC charge station

Estimated price: 4975 dkk / € 669 (*subjected to discount)
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Integrated protection measures against DC ground fault
  • Supports charge scheduling via an app
  • Compatible with the electrical system of most houses and buildings
  • Prepared for communication with external energy meter for dynamic load management

The company that creates this charging station has more than 130 years of expertise in power and heavy electrical equipment, making the wallbox itself a symbol of trust and superior quality.

With its comprehensive safety measures and smart load management, ABB Terra AC wallbox is a value-for-money charging solution for EV owners who seek a reliable and easy-to-use charger. The app has a minimalistic design, yet it lacks in functionality, such as adding more than one user and locking/unlocking the plug remotely.

Rolec HomeSmart EV Charge Point

Rolec Smart EV wallpod

Price starts from 3.760 dkk / € 505
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Has a built-in type A DC sensitive protection
  • Comes with an LED status indicator
  • Tethered or untethered variants
  • Extras include a key switch or a solar rotary switch
  • Monitor and control charging through a mobile application

With more than 30 years of experience in the outdoor electric equipment industry, British-based Rolec comes with its new residential charging point, the HomeSmart.

It is a 7.2kW type 2 connector charger with IP65 weatherproof and UV stabilization as well as corrosion and fire retardant built. This charge point provides full analytical feedback on your charging process through the HomeSmart app. What it lacks is the ability to schedule start/stop charging, making it hard to only charge during night electricity rate.

Sync EV – the smallest charge point

Sync EV smallest ev charge point

Price starting from 4970 dkk / € 670
Manufacturer’s website:


  • 3G connectivity
  • The smallest charge box on the market
  • Dimensions of just 187mm x 122mm x 90mm
  • Untethered charge point
  • Schedule charge times
  • ‘Plug and charge’ option

The Sync EV is a relatively new product and as you can see from the features above, it is the smallest EV charge point currently available. It’s other most attractive feature is that it comes with 3 years of free data for it’s 3G connectivity.

The Sync EV’s mobile app is both available on Google Play and Apple Store and includes standard features such as real-time monitoring, setting up different charge rates, smart scheduling etc. The font size of the app is a little too small and if used on smartphones with smaller displays, such as iPhone 12 Mini, may be hard to read.

Kokong Ev Zen

EV Kokong charge point

Price starting from 1555 DKK / € 210


  • Automatic charging process
  • Saves energy passively
  • Untethered
  • No mobile app or Wifi connection
  • Optimized power supply charging at a maximum of 10A
  • Schuko socket, suitable with both mode 1 and mode 2 charging cables

As the name of the model – Zen, suggests, this charge point is very easy to use. It is a budget choice for your home or holiday house.

Did you know that when electric cables are plugged in the sockets at home, for any electrical appliance, they still consume electricity? The Kokong EV ZEN is designed to solve that issue with its automatic switch-off power feature, stopping any electricity use when you unplug your car or your EV is charged to full. That saves you, and the environment, a bit of electricity.

It comes with a wall plate for easy wall installation and is programmed to provide a maximum of 10A, reducing risk of overload. A disadvantage is that it has no app and cannot be connected to Wifi or Bluetooth.

Lite by Pilot Group

Lite EV charger by Pilot Group

Price starting from 5860 dkk / € 788
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Mode 3 AC Charging
  • LED light for charging status
  • 7.4kW charging output
  • Mobile app with standard features
  • 5-year warranty

As a member of the Carbon Trust, Pilot Group is a company that focuses strongly on ‘safe, smart and sustainable infrastructure’. Lite is their smallest charging point, designed for residential use.

It has standard features such as 7.4 kW charging output, LED light and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity. The app provides start/stop functionality, usage monitoring, charge history as well as changing of the charging output. The app does not support EV models that aren’t used in the Unuted States, making it hard for most international owners to use the app.

Home Eco EU

Home Eco electric vehicle charge point

Price of 5050 dkk / € 680
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Charging capacity of up to 11 kW
  • Voltage options: 230/400 V
  • Standard type 2 charging plug
  • Protection certificate IP54, splashproof

The Home Eco, manufactured by Heidelberg, is a safe and high-performance charging point with which you can quickly charge your EV or hybrid. It is compatible with all electric vehicles on the market and comes with a standard type 2 charging socket. It has the option to have an RFID, coin or key switch for ease of charging.

EV Link Wall stand

EV Link wallbox ev charge point

Price is 9,375 dkk / € 1260


  • Tethered or untethered with T1 or T2 connector
  • Charging capacity of 3.7, 7.4, 11 and 22 kW
  • Type 2 socket with or without shutter
  • IP54 outdoor certificate
  • ‘Plug and charge’ as well as one-touch start/stop button

The EV link wall stand focuses on providing a robust charging point which can withstand constant use for prolonged period of time. It has a silver-plated switch to avoid overheating and an option to have two connectors.

The mobile app provides standard features such as scheduled charging, charge history, charge monitoring and more. One issue users of the app struggle with is that you often can’t choose the right region/country.

Pro Earth charger by EV Project

Project EV Eva Earth charger charging point for home

Price start from 4.175 dkk / € 560
Manufacturer’s website:


  • A 3-year warranty
  • Built-in earth rod
  • Charging with solar power
  • Solar option available.
  • The maximum output power is 7.3kW

The Pro Earth is in the lower budget field of home charge points, yet offers many of the features of the higher-end options on the market.

As the name suggests, it has a built-in earthing rod, reducing the money you spend on installation. This charge point is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can be set to charge from solar power and has a maximum power outage of 7.3 kW.

GLB by Garo

GLB by Garo EV charge point

Price from 7380 dkk / € 980
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Electrical capacity of 3.7 kW and 11.4 kW
  • 3-year warranty
  • Built-in earth rod
  • Tethered or untethered

The Swedish manufacturer Garo comes with its EV home charging point called GLB. It is a reliable charge point that can automatically charge from a PV grid when available. It has an LED status panel and a type 2 connector (tethered version). It has automatic updates, making the GLB a future-proof choice for homeowners. Even if you change your EV, you can still use your GLB.

Ratio Electric

Ratio Electric EV charge station tethered

Price of 4499 dkk / € 605
Manufacturer’s website:


  • 16 or 32 A adjustable charging power
  • Tethered, 5m fast charging type 2 cable
  • Highly durable in harsh weather conditions, from -25° to +50° C
  • LED charge indicator

This charge point, similar to the EV Link, is designed for heavy use, with high-quality materials and protection from impact and harsh weather conditions. Ratio Electric’s wallbox comes in a variety of configurations, depending on your personal need. For example, owners of a Nissan Leaf can get the phase 1, 16 A version with 3.7 kW charging capacity.

Accelev by Evtun

Evtun Accelev EV charge point residential

Prices start from 9999 dkk / € 1345
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Type 2 connector with 5-meter cable
  • Cannot be exposed directly to water
  • For cars that use 32A
  • BatteryCare feature which helps extend your battery life
  • Automatic current adjusting which maximizes the speed of charging
  • 2.8-inch touch screen

Accelev has AutoStart and SoftStart, two features that enable you to either start charging as soon as your EV is in range, or charge only after you’ve unlocked it, letting you choose between the ease of use and security.

This wallbox has a multitude of features on the app and can be a bit overwhelming even. But if you are an electrician or a vivid EV enthusiast, there is plenty of room to customize your charging experience.


Metron charging box for EVs

Price of 5799 dkk / € 780


  • Tethered option
  • 11kW, 16 A, 3 phase connector
  • An adjustable current of 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A and 16A
  • Highly durable, IP66 as well as oil, fire and UV protection
  • Compatible with all type 2 EVs

The Metron charge point is designed to be extremely durable, making it both suitable for home or commercial use. If you plan to rent out your charge point as an extra source of income, the Metron is a great choice for that. The downside to all the durable materials used for the production of the Metron is that it is quite heavy, a whole 8kg.

An advantage on the other hand is that it can charge any EV and is not limited to a certain brand or type of current.


ChargePoint charging station for EVs

Price starting from 3090 dkk / €415
Manufacturer’s website:


  • 7.4 kW electrical capacity charging up to 40km of range per hour
  • Ultra-small, beautiful design and LED charge status
  • Tethered with 6 or 8m cable
  • 16A and 32A

ChargePoint is considered the biggest charging station providers in the world, with more than 22.000 charging stations across the globe. Its home charge point is light, durable, and works with all EV and hybrids. The company states that this is the smallest tethered, Wifi connected charge point on the market.

The ChargePoint app provides control of your charging process remotely, setting up reminders, scheduling charging times, setting charge speed and power usage, and analyzing charge history. The disadvantages of the app are that you cannot stop auto top-up, and you can only use your balance with their commercial charge stations. It also has issues with working with the latest Android version and oftentimes payment is refused.


Morec EV charge box type 2 Ladestation

Price of 4515 dkk / €608


  • Large LCD display
  • Tethered, 6m cable
  • IK collision protection level 10
  • 200-240V 1 phase 25 A output
  • CE and TUV certification

With an aluminum alloy case and a plastic alloy plate, Morec can withstand even a slight collision with a car. Even if the casing is damaged, the interior will not. It is made of high-quality materials, with a futuristic design. A disadvantage is the lack of control when it comes to setting the charging power.

Bosch Power Max Evse

Power-Max Bosch ev wallbox

Price is 4.825 DKK / €650
Manufacturer’s website:


  • An electrical output of 7.2 kW
  • Output current: 30 A
  • 3-year warranty
  • LED battery indicator

The Bosch Power Max is an affordable solution for your home. It is made of durable materials and works with most EVs. It is weather-resistant and can withstand snow, rain, and very low temperatures.
A drawback of the Power Max is that it is designed to be hardwired only, changing its cable will result in the 3-year warranty becoming invalid.

The mobile app comes with an on/off switch feature, helping you reduce your electricity consumption. You can monitor the status of your battery, schedule charge times, and control the power output. Using the app feels clumsy at times, with too many details and text and undistinguishable buttons.

BP Pulse

BP Pulse Ladestation EV wallbox

Price starting from 5900 dkk / €795
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Standard 7.4kW charge speed with possibility to upgrade to 11 and 22kW
  • 4.7m tethered or a type 1 or 2 untethered version
  • 3-year warranty
  • 24/7 customer support

Formerly known as Chargemaster, BP’s Pulse is their flagship home charging station. It works with the Smartcharge app and provides monitoring of your energy usage and costs as well as start/stop feature, charge history and power output.

With a massive company such as BP behind its back, Pulse is poised to become one of the most used charger models in the years to come, alas with a mobile application with a predominant rating of 1 / 5, an average rating of just 1.3/5 and no five-star ratings at all, the price for such a chargepoint is way above its quality.

AmazonBasics EVSE

Amazon Electrics EV charging station type 2 plug

Price of 3180 dkk / €428


  • 240V, 32A output
  • Tethered, with a 7 meters cable
  • Adds 40 km of range per hour
  • No mobile application

The AmazonBasics charge point is one of the more affordable options on the market. It is six times faster than charging through a standard wall outlet and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The award-winning design is slim and stylish, with an IK10 impact resistance rating as well as NEMA-4 water and dust protection rating. The disadvantage is that it has no mobile application for remote control of your charging process.

Vestel EV charging station

Vestel electric vehicle charge station

Price of 4.685 dkk / € 630
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Wall-mounted or with a stand
  • 230 V AC, 1-phase
  • IP 54 weather resistance certificate
  • Strong aluminum housing
  • Works with all type 2 charged EVs

Manufactured by the Turkish Vestel-Group, a union of 24 companies with business in multiple countries, the Vestel eCharger is made of durable materials, can charge all type 2 EVs and provides all the industry standard remote control capabilities.

It is suitable for both home and commercial use, with the possibility to be mounted on a stand (at an extra cost). With an IK10 shock impact resistance and IP54 weather resistance, it can easily be used on the open, at freezing or hot temperatures.


Vogvigo ladestation EV charger

Price of 1815 dkk / €245


  • Type 2 charger
  • With 8A, 10A and 13A output
  • Tethered with 7.5 m cable
  • UK 3-pin socket

Vogvigo is a simple, budget charge point with various amperage choices. It has no mobile application to operate it remotely, but that’s understandable, considering the price. It has IP65 weather-resistant scoring and comes with UK or EU plugs. Think of it as a spare, portable charger which comes in handy when your main charge point is either in use or faulty.


Grizzl e ev charging station

Price of 3000 dkk / € 405
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Heavy-duty portable charger
  • Tethered, with 7.5 m cable
  • Adjustable maximum outputs of 16A, 24A, 34A and 40A
  • Charging 20km of range per hour
  • 3-year residential use warranty

Canada-based Grizzl-E provides a durable, medium-priced charging station that can easily be dismounted and installed on a different location (to a 14-50R outlet).

It has no mobile app to set and monitor your charging process remotely, yet for this price, it provides a reliable and universal charging point for your home and holiday house.

Mercedes-Benz Home Wallbox

Mercedes-Benz EV charge station for home

Price of 6.635 dkk / €892
Manufacturer’s website:


  • Equipped with an RCD type A with a DC fault current sensor
  • Customizable charging output of up to 22 kW
  • Tethered, type 2 6 meter charging cable
  • Security keys
  • Works with all type 2 EVs

Mercedes-Benz has their own EV charger, which not only charges its own EVs, but all other type 2 charged EV and hybrid models currently on the market as well. With an unmistakable Mercedes design, extra protection, remote control, and a decent price, the Mercedes-Benz Home wallbox makes a great charge point to have for your home.

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