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Create a Load Balancing Group

Learn the basics behind Load Balancing and how to set it up in Monta Hub.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

This guide focuses on how to create the Load Balancing setup in Monta Hub. For a comprehensive explanation of the different components of Dynamic Load Balancing, you can read here.

Create a single-site Load Balancing Group

If the charge points are set-up within one Charging site in Monta, you should create a Load Balancing Group on a site level.

  1. Open Charging sites from the left-side menu
  2. Click to open the site page
  3. Navigate to Load Balancing and click on Go to Load Balancing
  4. Click on Create new group

Create a Multi-site Load Balancing Group

If you want to select charge points, that are set-up in different Charging sites, or do not belong to a site, then you need to access the Multi-site Load Balancing Portal.

  1. Open Charging sites from the left-side menu
  2. Click on Load Balancing
  3. Click on Create new group

Fill in available amps and power distribution

  1. Navigate to the General settings
  2. Name the Load Balancing Group
  3. Fill in Total amps available – The amps available per phase for both charging and the building
  4. Select a type of Power distribution
    • Equal share = power is distributed equally among all charging cars on a site
    • First come, first served = Cars are prioritized by order of starting the charge
    • Locally managed – Easee = Only for Easee charge points + Enegic meter setup
  5. Click on Save changes
  6. See the Group’s information for reference

Add an external meter

In order to set Dynamic Load Balancing, you need set up and external meter, connect it to Monta, and add it to the Load Balancing Group. Monta currently supports Enegic and ABB ModBus.

  1. Click on + Add meter and select the type
  2. Select the correct placement
    • Including charge points = Meter measures building + charge points being used
    • Excluding charge points = Meter measures only how many amps the building is using
  3. Input a Dynamic buffer
    • A safety buffer to ensure that we are not exceeding the total capacity when the building’s consumption changes. Recommended value is the highest expected increase in the building’s consumption within one minute.
  4. Input Fail-safe amps
    • Number of amps to use, if the meter cannot communicate current consumption to Monta.
  5. Click on Save changes

Add or remove charge points

  1. Click on Add or remove charge points
  2. Use search bar to find charge points by address or serial number
  3. Select the charge point/s
    • Selecting a charge point will automatically add it to the Load Balancing Groups
    • A charge point can belong to one Group at a time
    • Selecting a charge point with more than one connector will automatically add all connectors to the Group

Create a Sub-group

You can also create a Sub-group, which represents a subset of charge points, sharing the same available amps on the site. To create a Sub-group, click on Add sub-group

You can only add an external meter to the main group, not to a Sub-group.

add sub group button portal

Advanced settings

Once the charge point is added, you will be able to see the following information:

State – See if the charge point is Available, Busy or Unavailable.

Phase order – This is the order of the phases on the charge point. It is important that it is setup correctly. You can consult the electrician who has connected the wiring on the charge point to confirm the order. It is used for phase rotation.

Max Amps – The maximum amount of Amps that will be available for the charge point.

Prioritize – If you select to prioritize a charge point, this will be applied when distributing the current among the charge points in use.

advanced charge point settings load balancing portal

Remember to click “Save Changes”.

Please note that you cannot configure the advanced settings of charge points, if you are using a Locally Managed – Easee setup.

Frequently asked questions

Why can I not add a charge point to a Load Balancing Group?

If you are not able to add a charge point, please check the following:

  • The charge point supports Load Balancing in Monta
  • The charge point is connected to Monta
  • The charge point does not belong to another Group
  • If you are setting up a Single-site Group, make sure that the charge points are in the same Charging site

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