Setting up Load Balancing in the Monta Portal

Learn the basics behind Load Balancing and how to set it up in the Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 12 April, 2023
Load Balancing lets you use the full potential of your site by having users charge at the maximum speed possible. Please note that:
  •  Load Balancing is only available for those who have a charge point operator agreement with Monta with a Pro, Business or Enterprise plan.
  • You need to have a charge point brand and model that supports Load Balancing in Monta. You can find the full list of supported charge point brands and models here.

Requesting Load Balancing support for a new charge point brand

If you would like to use Load Balancing for your charge point site, but you use different charge points than the ones included in the list of supported chargers, please reach out to us, so we can evaluate if we can start supporting your setup.

When you reach out to us, please include the following information:

  • Brand and model of the charge point

  • Brand and model of the external meter (if relevant)

  • Any details of the site, that are relevant to the setup

Where to set up Load Balancing?

Load Balancing can be set up in the Monta Portal. In order to set it up, the charge points in the Team must belong to a charging site.

Open a Charging Site

On the left side of the menu bar you will find the "Charge Points" section. Here you will find "Charging site". Go ahead and click on it. Afterwards select the Charging Site, where you want to create a Load Balancing Group.

find cp site click on site portal

Go to Load Balancing

In the overview section, go ahead and click on "Load balancing". Then click on the button "Go to Load Balancing" to open the Load Balancing Portal.

click on load balancing portal

How to set up Load Balancing

On this page, you can view your Load Balancing Groups and Sub-groups. We recommend to get familiar with the different components of the Load Balancing page. Here is a guide on how to understand the different components. 

Click on “Create new group”

You need to begin by creating a Load Balancing group. 

click on create new group portal

1. General settings

Name - Give a name to your Load Balancing group. 

Total amps available - The total amount of amps available for both charging and the building.

Power distribution - Select how you want the amps to be divided between the charge points. When setting up a new Load Balancing Group, you can select between “Equal Share”, “First come, first served” and Locally Managed (Easee).

Please note that Locally Managed (Easee) is only a set up that works with Easee charge points and an Enegic external meter. Here is a guide on how to do that.  

general settings load balancing portal

Click on "Save changes".

2. Meter settings

Here, you configure the meter settings of an external meter, attached to the Load Balancing group. This is not mandatory and it applies only to sites that have such meter. To begin, click on "+Add meter"

click add meter load balancig portal

Meter type - Select the type of meter you have from the list. 

Placement - Select if the meter is measuring the power usage of the building alone, or including charge points.

Dynamic buffer - This is the buffer that you need to calculate for your site. It should be at least as the largest expected increase in the building's consumption within one minute.
Fail - safe amps - This is the amount of amps that the charge points are going to be supplied if the meter loses connection with Monta and cannot report the use. 
set meter settings load balancing portal

Click on "Save Changes".

3. Sub-groups

You can also create a Sub-group, which represents a subset of charge points, sharing the same available amps on the site. To create a Sub-group, click on "Add a sub-group".
add sub group button portal
Here you can give it a name, state the available amps and add the charge points that belong there. You can also create a sub-group of the sub-group. It depends on your site setup.
You are also able to set an individual power distribution setup on a Sub-group level.

sub group load balancing settings portal

Please note that Sub-Groups are not available if you are using "Locally Managed - Easee" power distribution.

4. Add or remove charge points

Click on "Add or remove charge points" to add your charge points to the setup.

add charge point load balancing portal

You will only be able to add charge points supported for Monta's Load Balancing system. Select the charge point and click on "Save".

select charge point load balancing portal

5. Advanced settings

Once the charge point is added, you will be able to see the following information:

State - See if the charge point is Available, Busy or Unavailable.

Phase order - This is the order of the phases on the charge point. It is important that it is setup correctly. You can consult the electrician who has connected the wiring on the charge point to confirm the order. It is used for phase rotation.

Max Amps - The maximum amount of Amps that will be available for the charge point.

Prioritize - If you select to prioritize a charge point, this will be applied when distributing the current among the charge points in use.

advanced charge point settings load balancing portal

Remember to click "Save Changes".

Please note that you cannot configure the advanced settings of charge points, if you are using a "Locally Managed - Easee" setup.

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