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Locally Managed Load Balancing

In this guide we describe the setup of connecting the local Load Balancing setup of your Easee charge points to Monta via an Enegic meter.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

This guide describes how you can create a Locally Managed Dynamic Load Balancing setup with Easee charge points and an Enegic external meter, where Monta sends the available power to the Master charge point of the site.

Please note that with this setup you cannot create Sub Groups or customize the Load Balancing settings of the charge points from Monta Hub.


First, you need to set the site in the Easee cloud. For this, you need to:

  • Add and connect the charge points in Easee Cloud
  • Apply Load Balancing on the charge point in Easee Cloud

Add and connect the charge points to Monta

Now you need to set the charge points in your Monta account. Make sure that all of the charge points are added to the same charge point site.

Here is a guide on how you can add and connect your charge points to Monta

Create a Load Balancing Group

  1. Open Charging sites from the left-side menu
  2. Click to open the site page
  3. Navigate to Load Balancing and click on Go to Load Balancing
  4. Click on Create new group

Fill in Group general information

  1. Navigate to the General settings
  2. Name the Load Balancing Group
  3. Fill in Total amps available – The amps available per phase for both charging and the building
  4. For Power distribution, select Locally Managed – Easee and click Save changes
  5. Copy the Identifier of the Group to set up the Enegic meter

Add charge points

When you are adding the charge points, make sure to select the same ones you have already set up in your Easee Cloud.

  1. Click on Add or remove charge points
  2. Use search bar to find charge points by address or serial number
  3. Select the charge point/s
    • Selecting a charge point will automatically add it to the Load Balancing Groups
    • A charge point can belong to one Group at a time
    • Selecting a charge point with more than one connector will automatically add all connectors to the Group

Adjust the Energic meter settings

When you select Locally Managed – Easee power distribution, the meter type is automatically selected as Enegic. Now you need to configure the rest of the settings. Please consult how your setup is in the Easee Cloud.

Placement – Select if the meter is measuring the power usage of the building alone, or including charge points.

Dynamic buffer – This is the buffer that you need to calculate for your site. It should be at least as the largest expected increase in the building’s consumption within one minute.

Fail – safe amps – This is the amount of amps that the charge points are going to be supplied if the meter loses connection with Monta and cannot report the use. 

Enegic meter preselected monta portal

Configure and connect the Enegic meter to Monta

Now you need to configure the Enegic meter you have attached to the charge point site.

Here is a guide on how you can do this.

After you have configured the Enegic meter, the information will be passed from the meter via Monta to the Easee charge points.

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