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Manage charge point reports

Learn how to read, view, assign and take action on charge point reports.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

What are reports?

Reports is a system that will give the owner and Operator of the charge points a better understanding of the performance of the chargers. You can receive reports if there is issues on the charge points, customer experiences, reviews and much more.

There are different types of reports and all of them include:

  • The charge point that has an issue.
  • The source that generated the issue.
  • Operator of the charge point.
  • Who performed the report.
  • State of the report.
  • Description of the report.

Manage your report settings

You can set who is notified when a report is created. We recommend assigning an installer or an admin with the rights to troubleshoot and configure charge points, so they can take an action when a report is created.

  1. Click on Reports from the left side menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Input the contact details of the person, who will be notified about reports
  4. Select if you want to receive email updates about reports
  5. Click on Update

View a report

When you have a report, here is what information you can see, so you can take action.

  1. Click on Reports from the left side menu
  2. Click on a report to view it
  3. See the charge point, Charging site, Team owner, and other relevant information
    • You can go directly to the charge point to start troubleshooting

Assign a report

A report can be assigned to the Operator, the charge point owner or Monta Support. It will first be automatically assigned to one of the three, depending on the type of report. Here is how you can re-assign it.

  1. Click on Reports from the left side menu
  2. Click on the action button of the report and select Assign report
  3. See available options and select one
  4. Confirm by clicking Yes, assign.

Report sources and reasons

Reports can be generated by Monta users, the Monta system or Support conversations.

System generated reports

Here is a description of the different reasons for system generated reports.

Report reasonCause
Charge point disconnected for a whileWe are monitoring that the charge point has been in state “Disconnected” for more than 10 minutes. Our system generates a report to the operator/owner.
Charge point in error for a whileWe are receiving an “Error” state from the charge point which can be caused by multiple reasons.
Charge point had 3 failed charges last 1 hourWe are monitoring that 3 charging sessions have failed on the charge point within the last error, which might be caused by a user error or charge point error.
Charge point is having a bad wifi strength We’ve detected a low wi-fi signal on the charge point, which might interfere with the charging experience for people charging on it. The report is triggered if the wi-fi strength is below a certain threshold.
Charge point is having a bad cell signalWe’ve detected a low cell signal on the charge point, which might interfere with the charging experience for people charging on. The report is triggered if the cell strength is below a certain threshold.
Description of system generated reports

User generated reports

Monta users can created reports while they are using the Monta app. All user generated reports will be assigned to the owner/operator of the charge point. Reasons for reporting include:

  • Charge point is not working
  • Charge point is not in location
  • Charge point is unaccessible
  • Charge point is broken
  • Charge interrupted
  • Car blocking the parking space
  • Something else
  • Tax refund issue (Only in Denmark)

Support generated reports

These types of reports are automatically generated that consists of the conversation between the end user and our Monta Support agent.

You will be able to see the conversation between the user and Monta’s Support Team. When our support agent successfully resolves the issue, you will be able to see the report as Resolved. If our Support Team is not able to resolve the issue and further actions from your side are needed, the support agent will assign the report to the Operator pr charge point owner.

Need to talk to a specialist?

Contact our support team

Private users
Start a chat in the Monta app on your mobile device of choice.
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Open hours: 24/7, 365
First reply time: <5 minutes
Business customers
Sign in the Monta Portal and create a support ticket.
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First reply time: <3 business days
Certified installers
Book a guided call with an installation specialist.
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