Managing a tax refund subscription plan

In this article you can find information about how to manage an active tax refund subscription on Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

1. Access the Plan

Once you have an active and running tax refund subscription you can see the plan summary by clicking on "View".

click on subscriptions click on view portal

2. Plan Summary

Here you can find some statistical data related to the plan, such as the number of active and pending subscriptions. You can also see the monthly revenue and the total amount of tax refunds paid out.

charge point plan summary monta portal

3. Charge Point Readings

What are charge point readings? It is the kWh charged by the plan users. There are 2 types of charge point readings when it comes to tax refund subscriptions - automated and manual readings.

Automated readings are the ones that take place immediately after a charging session is complete. This happens by the charge point sending a meter value to Monta.

Manual readings are performed by the user taking photographic evidence of their charge point and the meter value in it. They are performed once a month, after you send a prompt to the user to send documentation of their meter.

Automatic meter readings do not require you to take any action. To administer the manual readings, please open the subscription plan and click on "Charge point readings".

click on charge point readings monta portal

Here you can see all the manual charge point readings. Also you can see pending, approved and declined ones.

select state of charge point reading monta portal

Here you also have to request manual readings of all the charge points without automated readings once a month or according to the schedule you have agreed with end user. Click on "Request readings".

A field will open and you will have to confirm the request.

click request readings and confirm portal

The users who have manual readings will receive in app notification to submit the meter reading. These readings submitted by the end user will appear as pending and will have to be approved by your party. Here you can read more how to approve this kind of readings and issue tax refunds.

You can also export the charge point readings by clicking on "Export". It will be send to your email address.

4. Other functions

other buttons managing tax refund plan portal

Tax Refunds

You can see the history of tax refunds paid out by clicking on Tax refunds.


You can see all the transactions related to the subscription by clicking on Transactions.

Here you can export all the transactions, which will be send to your by email.


By clicking on subscriptions, you can see the history of all the subscriptions related to the plan.

You can see all the subscriptions, you can also choose to see only the ones that are pending, active, cancelled or being cancelling.

Pending subscriptions are requests for new subscriptions, which have to be approved by your party in order for the user to start getting tax refunds.

Here, you can find more information on how to activate pending tax refund subscriptions.

Here, you can read how to cancel a tax refund subscription with a customer.

Plan Prices

By clicking on Plan Prices you can see the history of the plan prices. This is also, where you can change the price of the plan.

Edit the Plan

You can always edit the plan information by clicking on "Edit". This is where you would update the terms of the plan, the price, etc. It would updating the same fields you have filled in when setting up the plan, you can read more about it here.


Once you make any changes to the already active tax refund subscription, a Monta Customer Onboarding Specialist will have to review it and approve the changes.

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