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My account in the Monta Portal

Learn how to manage your personal account, enable Beta and update your notification preferences from Monta Portal.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 16 January, 2024
In this guide

Your personal account can be managed from the the “My account” section of the Monta Portal. There, you can update your personal information and notification preferences.

Manage your personal account on Monta Portal

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select “My account”
  2. Profile
    • Here you can see your User ID
    • Balance refers to funds, which you can spend or withdraw from your Wallet
    • Balance credit refers to funds which can only be spent within Monta
  3. Basic information
    • Here you can check and update your personal contact information
  4. Change password
    • If you log in to Monta Portal with email and password, you can update it here
  5. Notifications
    • Select which notifications you want to receive
  6. Other settings
    • In this section, you can see when you have verified your phone and email
    • See your timezone
    • Enable Beta to get access to trying new Monta features
    • Request your “Account data” – Monta will send all the information we have on your account

Access Monta Academy

Monta Academy is a great place to learn how to use the Monta Portal. It is available to users who have a Pro, Business or Enterprise Monta Plans.

Just click on the question mark icon ? and select Monta Academy.

Enable Beta on Monta Portal

If you want to try all new Monta features before they are released for everyone, then you can enable Beta access!

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select “My account”
  2. Click on “Other settings”
  3. Toggle on “Beta”
  4. Remember to “Save changes”

How to delete your account

If you wish to delete your account, you can do this from the Monta Portal.

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select “My account”
  2. Click on “Other settings”
  3. Click on “Delete”

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