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Set up an Enegic meter in a Load Balancing Group

This guide explains how you can connect an Enegic meter to Monta, so it can send data regarding the use of the charge points in a Load Balancing Group.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 16 January, 2024
In this guide

Monta’s Dynamic Load Balancing system requires the charge points on a site to communicate how many amps are being used from the available current on the site.

For this purpose, you can set up an Enegic external meter, that is connected to the charge point site and to Monta. Here you can read more about Dynamic Load Balancing in Monta.

1. Open the settings in the Enegic app

Open the Enegic app and click on the Settings menu.

select settings enegic app

2. Select “Licenses”

Here, click on the button “Register new license”.

You can find the license QR on a flyer, included in the box of your Enegic meter. If there is no flyer in the box, please contact Enegic and request a license.

register new licence enegic app

3. Select “Reporter”

Click on “Reporter” on top of the screen.

Select type of reporter – Select “Monta Control”

Name – Give a name to the report

Monta installation id – Insert the Identifier of the Load Balancing Group. You can find that in the Monta Portal -> Load Balancing -> Open the Group -> Right side of the screen.

copy group id monta portal

Select Enegic Monitor Device – Select your device from the drop-down menu.

Click on “Save”.

set Monta as reporter enegic app

Now the Enegic meter is connected to your Load Balancing Group and is ready to report to the Monta system.

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