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Adding an electricity transportation tariff to the dynamic price group in Denmark

This guide explains how to add electricity transportation tariff to the dynamic price group model.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 17 August, 2023
In this guide

These tariffs are an electricity transportation tariff that will depend on the location of the charge point as well as the time and day of usage. It is the dynamic tariffs that changes during the day which we have added to the dynamic pricing structure here at Monta!

1. Access the dynamic price group 

Click on price groups, here find the dynamic price group you need to adjust. 

2. Click on “Edit”

3. Select the tariff according to the region in Denmark

Here is the map of Denmark according to the electricity transportation provider in Denmark. Identify the region in which you are setting up the charge points and which tariff is applicable to your location.

Once you have identified the tariff applicable to the your site location, click on the tariff section and select your grid provider.

Add Tariff

Here select the transportation tariff applicable to your case. Most of the Tariffs available are class C , which means that is the tariff applicable to the domestic end users usually and which you should know from your electricity service provider. If you have other tariff which is B or A, please contact Monta Support and we can add it as custom case for you. Once selected click ion

Once the Tariff is selected click on “Save”. Now tariff is added on top of the spot price and will be changing during the day to the high and low one pricing. Tariff can also be dynamic depending on the regulations of the service provider.

Save changes

4. Follow Tariff price

Once you have added Tariff to the dynamic pricing model you can follow how it affect the pricing structure. In oder to do so click on “View dynamic prices”.

Here you fill find the graph of the dynamic prices prognosis.

Dynamic price view graph

Blue colour shows the price per kWh combined – Spot price + Tariff

Red colour indicates Spot price following the data from Nord Pool.

Orange colour follows the Tariff value for the specific period of the day.

In order to find pricing needed use the graph. Point to the time stamp need in the dynamic price chart you can find information of the pricing for that specific period of time.

Select Time Needed


If before you added electricity transportation cost into the additional pricing please remove. Right now dynamic pricing model is combined with Tariff and Spot price.

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