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Update company information, contact or finance email, apply a Team subscription, edit Team invitation settings.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 16 January, 2024
In this guide

In the Settings tab of a Team, you can edit the contact information of a Team, see their Monta Plan, check on their service subscription and more.

What is in Team Settings?

  1. Open the Team on Monta Portal and click on the “Settings” tab
  2. Monta plan
    • What is the Monta plan on this Team
    • If the Team is under another Operator, the Team inherits their Monta plan
  3. General information
    • Here, you can update the contact information of the user / company
    • Finance email – this is where you receive receipts and invoices. You can edit it from here.
  4. Subscription
    • See if there is a subscription applied on this Team
  5. Team invitation settings
    • If you want Team members to be automatically accepted, toggle this “on”
    • Join code – share this with Monta users, so they can join the Team
  6. Other settings
    • Auto generate charging sites – toggle on if you want the system to generate a new site as soon as there are several charge points at the same location
    • Operator Team – toggle on if you want to direct all revenue to the Operator Wallet directly. You can read more about Operator Teams here.

Update a Team’s company information

If you need to make a change of your company details, you can do this in the settings section of your company account. There, you can update:

  • Company name, address, contact email
  • Finance email – this is where the invoices are sent every month
  • VAT number, EAN number, PO number

Subscription section

In this section, you can see if there is a subscription applied on this Team.

Applying a service subscription on a Team

If this is Team created under an Operator, that is not Monta, then the Charge Point Operator can apply a Team subscription from this section.

Please note only Operator users with Admin and Manager user rights can perform this action. Team Admins cannot apply a service subscription. They can only cancel the subscription, if this action is available .

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab of a Team
  2. Scroll down and click on “Apply Subscription”
  3. Select from the available service subscriptions
  4. Click on “Apply Subscription”
    • Click here to see how to approve a subscription (Operator users only)

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