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Add and connect a charge point

Learn how to add and connect a charge point, via the Monta Portal.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 15 January, 2024
In this guide

This guide describes the process of adding and connecting charge points in Monta Portal one at a time. This is recommended for charge point sites with a few charge points.

If you want to add multiple charge points, we recommend to check out the bulk adding functions.

Add a charge point in a Team

The first step to getting your charge points online is to add the to your account in the Monta Portal. Adding a charge point creates a placeholder in the Monta system, which tell us to which Team the charge point is associated, and where the revenue from charging is going to end up.

  1. Open the Team in Monta Portal
    • You can also start from the Charge points menu. Then, you need to select the Team.
  2. Click on “Add a charge point” and select “Add one charge point”
  3. Select brand and model of the charge point
  4. Select a site, where the charge point should be added
    • In this example, we add it to an existing site. You can read more about sites here.
  5. Name the charge point
  6. Select the accessibility of the charge point
    • Private = Only Team members have access to the charge point
    • Public = The charge point is visible on the Monta Map for all EV drivers
    • Set charge point active = Access to full functionality, paid charge point
    • Show on map = You show or hide Public charge points from the Monta Map
  7. Select if you want to “Connect now”
    • You can also connect the charge point at a later point, or use an installer link

Connect a charge point via OCPP

Some charge points require you to install Monta on the charge point before you can connect it to your Monta account. We recommend to check out this section of guides where you can find your charge point brand and follow required the installation steps.

  1. Find and click to open the “Passive” charge point
  2. Click on “Connect now”
  3. Insert the serial number of the charge point
  4. Check the charge point information and click on “Yes, pair charge point”
  5. Wait for connection to be established
  6. Your charge point is now connected!

Connect a charge point via Cloud

  1. Find and click to open the “Passive” charge point
  2. Click on “Connect now”
  3. Select the Cloud integration option
  4. Login with your Cloud credentials
  5. Select the correct charge point
  6. Click on “Yes, pair charge point”
  7. Your charge point is now connected and ready to charge!

Connect a charge point with two sockets

If your charge point has 2 or more sockets, you need to add each one of them as separate charge points.

  1. Add the first socket as a charge point (beginning of this guide)
  2. Click on “Connect now”
  3. Select the OCPP integration option
  4. Select correct position of the socket (Connector)
  5. Complete connection process
  6. Repeat process from step one for the rest of the sockets

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