Add a charge point in the Monta Portal

Add a charge point point in the Monta Portal as a placeholder.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 22 February, 2023

The first step to getting your charge points online is to add the to your account in the Monta Portal. Adding a charge point creates a placeholder in the Monta system, which tell us to which Team the charge point is associated, and where the revenue from charging is going to end up.

Please note that adding a charge point in the Monta Portal does not mean that you have connected the charge point. This is a separate action that may require some configuration on the charge point.

1. Prerequisites

Before adding a charge point on the Monta Portal, you will need to create a Team. Here you can find information about how to create a Team on Monta Portal, and where to add your charge point.

2. Go to "Charge points" and click on "Add charge point"

Navigate to the "Charge points" section on the left side menu and click on "Add charge point".

Add charge point from charge points

3. Select the Team

You need to select the Team, where the charge point should be added.

Choose team

4. Select brand and model

Here, you need to select the brand and model of the charge point.

Then input the "Max charging power" (this information can be found on the charge point box or should have been provided by the manufacturer).

Put in a location and create a charge point site. If a charge point site has already been created you can use the existing site. 

To move on you click "Next".

Charge point information

5. Add charge point details

Name your charge point.

Select accessibility

If you select "Private", the charge point will not be visible on the map for users that are not part of the charge point team. "Public" charge points are visible for all Monta users.

Set charge point active

Here you can select whether or not to set the charge point as active. If you select "Yes", you will be able to use all functionalities of the charge point.

Show on the map

If you would like to hide the charge point from the map, select "No". If you select "Yes" the charge point will be visible on the Monta map.

Charge point information 2

 6. Select if you want to connect to Monta

Here, you can select if you want to continue with connecting the charge point to Monta.

charge point ready to be connected portal

Please note that you may need to configure the charge point before you can connect to Monta. We recommend the following steps:

Find the charge point installation guide

Begin by becoming familiar with the configuration of the charge point point, required to connect to Monta. Here is list of guides, in which you can find your charge point and check the process. You can also share this with your installers.

Connect the charge point to Monta

When you are ready to connect the charge point to Monta, you can follow this guide here.

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