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Add and connect charge points in bulk

Learn how to add and connect multiple charge points at once via Monta Portal.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 8 February, 2024
In this guide

In this guide is explained the process of adding and connecting many charge points at once. This is suitable for Charge Point Operators or Site Owners who have large charge point sites.

Add charge points in bulk

  1. Select Chargers from the left side menu
  2. Click on the + sign and select Charge point
  3. Select the Team, where you want the charge points to be added
  4. Click on Add many at once
  5. Select the brand of the charge points and their maximum power
  6. Select a Charging site, to which the charge points are going to be added
  7. Download and fill the template for the charge points information
  8. Upload the document and click on Import
    • You will receive a confirmation email once the import is complete

Connect charge points in bulk

Now that you have added the charge points, it is time to connect them.

If you have created a brand new Charging site, then follow the steps underneath.

If you have imported the charge points in an existing Charging site, we recommend to create a new Installer Job.

  1. Go to Charge points and select Charging sites
  2. Find the Charging site and click to open it
  3. Click on Create job and confirm with Create
  4. Click on See Installer job
    • Make sure that all charge points have serial numbers and connector positions
  5. Click on Public link to share the installer job with the installer

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